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2013 Photo Contest – Hamilton, ON and Its Ten Twin Cities


The Mundialization Committee of the City of Hamilton is a group of volunteers in Hamilton whose role is to promote Hamilton as “A World (Mundialized)” City dedicated to global awareness, international cooperation and world law, and to undertake twinning programs with other cities and to foster an understanding of the increasing interdependence of the municipalities, peoples and countries of the world.

The purpose of this internet photography competition is to celebrate and promote the City of Hamilton, ON and our ten twin cities and to encourage ongoing friendship and understanding.


  1. Images of Peace
    A digital photograph representing peace. Photographers should feel free to create original work using any one or combinations of visual symbols or representations of peace taken in Hamilton or any of its ten twin cities.
  2. Hands Across the Borders (Places & Spaces)
    A digital photograph that captures the essence of Hamilton or one of our twin cities so well that it will make people from our twin Cities want to learn more about them, and visit.
  3. Special Bonds (People)
    A digital photograph taken in Hamilton or one of our twin cities showcasing the people of one or more of these cities and exhibiting the essence of friendship and cultural understanding.


  1. By submitting a photo, you accept and comply with the Competition Rules and Terms of Use.
  2. This photo competition is open only to residents of Hamilton, ON, and our ten twin cities.
  3. All photos must be taken in the cities of Hamilton or one of our ten twin cities.
  4. Each applicant can submit only one photo per category.
  5. Photos must be in jpeg or gif format.
  6. Photos must be submitted by mail on CD or submitted in the on-line web form. If submitting by mail, please send to:
    City of Hamilton
    Customer Service, Access & Equity Division
    Attn: Carolyn Bish
    71 Main Street West
    Hamilton ON, Canada L8P 4Y5
  7. If submitting by on-line submission form, photos will be included with all details marked as mandatory.
  8. Each submission must be from an individual; collaborative applications are not accepted.
  9. An independent panel of judges will review digital photographs based on the following criteria: technical quality, artistic composition, texture & light, and overall representation of the theme.
  10. Winners will be notified either by mail, telephone or by email.
  11. Prizes will be provided by mail or other delivery, at the discretion of the Mundialization Committee of the City of Hamilton.
  12. Members of the Executive of the Mundialization Committee, judges, and their immediate family members and employees of the City of Hamilton are not permitted to participate in this competition.
  13. Unacceptable Photos:
    • inappropriate photos – offensive materials will NOT be accepted
    • photos not sent to the correct email address or correct mailing address
    • photos not submitted in JPEG or GIF format
    • photos missing the mandatory submission form or mandatory information
    • photos missing photo name
  14. All entries must be free of claims and rights of third parties.
  15. No submissions will be returned.
  16. Decision of the judges is final. The judges reserve the right not to make an award in any category, should the quality of entrants be insufficient.


  1. $500 (Canadian dollars) to the entry judged as overall winner (inclusive of the prize in the category).
  2. $100 (Canadian dollars) for first prize in each of the other two categories.
  3. An Addition prize of $100(Canadian) may be awrded for the best submission from any one of the twin cities, if merited, at the sole discretion of the judges.


Entries must be received by 4:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, September 30, 2013.


We will begin accepting applications on May 30, 2013. Entries are due by 4:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, September 30, 2013. Have digital photo files formatted as 72 dpi JPEGs (medium quality) at no more that 1024x768 pixels for landscape, or 768x1024 pixels for verticals. Each image must have a caption, and may be submitted with a summary of the main idea of the photo of no more than 25 words. Only jpg or gif file format will be accepted with a Maximum file size of 4 MB each.


Each submission grants to the Hamilton Mundialization Committee and the City of Hamilton, a perpetual non-exclusive royalty-free license to copy, publish, distribute and display, in any medium and in any publication, venue or program sponsored or authorized by the Hamilton Mundialization Committee for the advancement of its mission and goals, any and all photographs submitted. This license includes rights to edit, reproduce and post on the City or the Committee’s website. Each applicant warrants and represents that every photograph submitted with each applicant's submission is his/her own original work and that he/she has the unrestricted right to grant to Hamilton Mundialization Committee and the City of Hamilton the license described in this paragraph.

Please enter our contest which runs from May 30 to September 30, 2013.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding these rules or the competition, contact:
Photo submissions will not be accepted through this e-mail address.