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Hamilton Community Wellness Indicators

The Community Wellness Indicators are an information resource which provides a snapshot of current community conditions and trends based on selected quantitative data gathered from a variety of sources. The monitoring and analysis of trends can help show strengths and weaknesses of community life and can be used as a valuable asset. It is an important tool to be used in building community and strengthening infrastructure for collaboration.

The Community Wellness Indicators are designed to be a complementary tool for identifying needs and focusing priorities and resources. They show the current and historic trends for these specific measurements through graphical representations.

This website is provided for the use of organizations, institutions and individuals concerned with the well-being of the residents of Hamilton and divided into three categories, Social, Economic and Other.

Such information can be used in:

  • improving community awareness and education 
  • determining better resource and asset utilization 
  • identifying whether initiatives and collective actions are improving the community 
  • identifying community priorities and providing a basis for setting goals and targets for action 
  • improving organizational and program planning and development 
  • supporting and validating community concerns and priorities

The data included in this report is from existing official sources that had the ability to provide data over a period of time so an indication of trends was possible. The statements indicating trends, in most cases, reflect trends beginning two years back from the most current information shown.

Although the City of Hamilton is implementing and updating this monthly information, other community services and organizations will form an integral part of this website through website links to assist the citizens in not only providing information but also where to find the services.

Your comments are welcome and are an important part of this information sharing process.

Below you will find a list of the Community Wellness Indicators. These Indicators are organized under the headings:

  • Social Indicators
  • Economic Indicators
  • Other Indicators

If you click on an Indicator, a representational graph (PDF) showing the most recent data (with history) will come up in a separate pop-up window.

Social Indicators


Ontario Works Caseloads:

Number of benefit members (individuals) per month who receive Ontario Works (OW) financial and employment assistance in the City of Hamilton.

Child Care Fee Subsidy Waitlist:
Number of individuals on the waitlist to receive a subsidy from the City of Hamilton for Child Care Fees.

ODSP Caseloads:
Number of benefit members (individuals) per month who receive either Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits in the City of Hamilton.

Social Housing Waitlist:
Number of active households on the waitlist for the City of Hamilton Social Housing Providers' buildings.

Economic Indicators

Unemployment Rate:

The unemployment rate for Hamilton CMA, which includes Hamilton, Burlington and Grimsby.

Numbers of consumers and businesses that have filed for bankruptcy in the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area (which includes Hamilton, Burlington and Grimsby).

Building Permits:
The total value (in $ millions) of the building permits issued for the month by the City of Hamilton including residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Real Estate Sales:
Number of residential units sold in the Hamilton area.

Housing Starts:
The number of new homes on which construction has been started in the City of Hamilton. Compiled by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, an agency of the Government of Canada.

Canadian Gross Domestic Product:
The Canadian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the real value of products and services produced in Canada.

Other Indicators

Taxes - Penalty and Interest:
The total dollar amount invoiced in penalty and interest charges for the month for taxpayers in tax arrears with the City of Hamilton.

TOP Hamilton News:
A brief list of media headlines to include “good and bad news” for the City of Hamilton (compiled by the City of Hamilton Economic Development Department, with website links to the specific articles).

Water, Sewer & Stormwater Revenue:
Dollar amount invoiced by the City of Hamilton for water, wastewater and stormwater services provided.

Transit Revenue:

Dollar amount received by the City of Hamilton Transit (Hamilton Street Railway, HSR) for cash, ticket and pass fares.

Single Sheet Chart Summary

Other Community Services and Organizations


Community Wellness Indicators