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Taxi Cab Inspections, Fare Regulations, Complaints

How does Taxi Cab Inspection work in Hamilton?

The safety standards of the vehicles are governed under the Highway Traffic Act. Safety Standards Certificates are required at licence renewal time and also at any time there is a change of vehicle.

The Inspection Program has two types of inspections:

  • regular/routine scheduled inspections done at a garage 
  • unannounced on-street inspections that can occur at any time including weekends and evenings. 

The City's goal is to provide safe taxi-cab transportation by inspecting the interior and exterior of the vehicle.  

Officers will check such things as the vehicles brakes, headlights, signals, meter seals, seat belts etc to ensure all are in working order.  In addtion, the interior and exterior of the vehicle is checked for damages and cleanliness. A reinspection will be done to ensure any problems found have been corrected.  During inspections the driver is required to produce the vehicle registration, an up-to-date insurance slip and valid taxi driver's licence.

Fare Regulations (Metre Cabs, includes 7% GST)

  • For the first 71.4 meters or part thereof - $3.90
  • For each additional 71.4 meters or part thereof - $0.13 ($1.80/km)
  • For waiting after engagement, each additional 14 seconds - $0.13
  • Livery of meter cabs by agreement (by hours) -  $37.00
When loading/unloading groceries, luggage etc., the meter is to be turned on at the commencement of loading/unloading until completion of loading/unloading. There is a 10% reduction calculated on the highest full dollar registered on the taxi meter for senior citizens.

What are the parking regulations that affect Taxi Operations?
Parking Meters
Taxis may park and load/unload in these areas, provided that coins are deposited in the parking meters. The solicitation of fares is permitted, provided that coins are deposited and time is available on the meters.

No Parking Area
Taxis are permitted to stop for the purpose of loading or unloading only. Vehicles left unattended for longer than 10 minutes are considered to be parked, and in violation of the regulation. The solicitation of fares is not permitted in these areas.

Commercial Vehicle Loading Zones
Taxis are permitted to pick up/discharge passengers/goods, and are permitted to leave the vehicle to pick-up/deliver parcels/messages as well. Vehicles left unattended for longer than the 10 minute (grace) period are considered to be parked illegally. The solicitation of fares is not permitted in these areas.

Taxi Stands
Taxis are permitted to load/unload, wait and solicit a fare in these designated areas however time restriction regulations need to be respected ie Public Taxi Stand located at the Ramada Inn.

If you have a complaint regarding the Taxi Industry contact Municipal Law Enforcement at 905 546-2782 (option 3).

Accessible Taxi Cabs

At the City of Hamilton Council meeting on October 30, 2012Council approved recommended changes to the Business Licensing By-law 07-170 including Schedule 25. This change is to ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and its regulations.

In 2013, in addition to the 3 standard plates another 16 accessible taxicab plates will be issued first to individuals on the priority list and then to members of the public if any remain.

Contact Information:

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
77 James Street North
(2nd Floor, Suite #250)

Phone: 905-546-2782
(Press "3" for licensing)

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