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Online Ticket Payments

Municipal parking tickets and Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines can be paid online anytime with Online payments are secure, easy and take just a few minutes to complete.

Please note: not all public parking lots are owned by the City of Hamilton. Tips in recognizing a City-owned parking lot or City-issued parking ticket:

  • All City-owned parking lots are labeled with the green "P"
  • Parking tickets issued by the City can be identified by the wording City of Hamilton, Ontario Court of Justice, Province of Ontario, on the upper left hand corner of the ticket
  • Hamilton's parking tickets are now printed on yellow weather resistant material; however, Hamilton Police Service and the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority will continue to use the previous style of tickets

How to pay your municipal (City of Hamilton) ticket:

  1. Look at your ticket and determine what type of fine you have received. There are two kinds of tickets:

    • A Provincial Offences Act fine OR

    • Municipal Parking Fine

  2. Select the online payment option below that corresponds with the fine

  3. Have your Visa or MasterCard handy.

  Speeding Tickets & Other
  Ontario Provincial Offences Act Violations
  Parking Tickets,
  Municipal Parking Fines
Includes fines issued under the:
  • Ontario Highway Traffic Act
  • Liquor License Act
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Act
  • And others
For other POA payment options, or to learn more about POA fines, please proceed to the Provincial Offences page or:

Proceed with Speeding Ticket Online Payment

Teranet administers a $3.00 convenience fee for online payments.

If you need more information about:
Hamilton Parking Infraction "M", "A", "T", and "P" series tickets are now available to be paid through this service.

Please use UPPERCASE letter "M", "A", "T" or "P" when entering ticket information.

Note:  The new yellow handheld issued parking tickets can be paid on-line at this time.

Proceed with Parking Ticket Online Payment

Teranet administers a $1.50 convenience fee for online payments.

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