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Municipal Car Parks

The City of Hamilton Parking Operations Section manages and operates 64 municipal car parks and two parking structures for a total of 4,627 off-street parking spaces.

Please Note: Not all public parking lots are owned by the City of Hamilton. Tips in recognizing a City-owned parking lot or City-issued parking ticket:

  • All City-owned parking lots are labeled with the green "P"
  • Parking tickets issued by the City can be identified by the wording City of Hamilton, Province of Ontario, Ontario Court of Justice, Provincial Offences Act, at the top of the ticket and are yellow.  
  • All off-street municipal car parks are unattended and operate under a first-come, first-served basis. The two parking structures are cashier/pay on foot operated.

    Monthly permits are issued based on availability. Each lot has either parking meters or pay and display machines. Coins are the predominant method of payment.  You are required to display your permit.  If you do not have your permit displayed you are required to pay for the day's parking or be subject to a Parking Infraction Notice.  No refunds will be issued.

    Our key objectives are to provide:
  1. Parking facilities with reliable parking equipment.
  2. A mix of short-term and long-term parking spaces to meet the overall parking demand in various business districts.
  3. A parking rate structure which is reasonable to the user.

Monthly parking may be available in selected municipal car parks. For availability or further information, call a Customer Service Representative at (905) 540-6000.

Municipal Car Parks Listings:
There are several ways to search for information on City of Hamilton Municipal Car Park locations, hours of operation and rates.

Permission to Enter a Municipal Car Park

In order to allow contractors, film productions, special event organizers, etc. to take advantage of municipal car parks for purposes other than parking, Hamilton Municipal Parking System (HMPS) provides them the opportunity to reserve car parks in whole or in part.

For example, a contractor may be working on a building adjacent to a car park and would like to store equipment adjacent to their work site or a movie shoot may require space for storage of production vehicles.

These approvals are dependent upon the current parking usage and if approved, the completion of a Permission to Enter a Municipal Car Park Permit. This permit authorizes the agency to use in whole or in part, the car park for a specific period of time under certain conditions.

These conditions include:
  1. The applicant must provide a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance naming the City of Hamilton as a co-insured.
  2. The applicant must adhere to the hours in which they have access to the car park and the portion of the car park approved for occupation.
  3. The applicant must restore the property to the condition it was prior to their occupation and includes clean up of rubbish and other debris.
  4. The applicant must reimburse HMPS for any lost parking revenues resulting from the occupation of the car park.


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Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
80 Main Street West
(entrance on Summers Lane)
Hamilton, Ontario
Phone: (905) 540-6000

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