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West Harbour Secondary Plan (Setting Sail)

The City of Hamilton has completed a Secondary Planning Process for the West Harbour. On March 23, 2005 City Council adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 23 to the former Region of Hamilton-Wentworth Official Plan and Official Plan Amendment No. 198 to the former City of Hamilton Official Plan for the West Harbour. These amendments established a comprehensive land use plan for the West Harbour, with an emphasis on three areas of major change: the Waterfront, the area south of the CN rail yard (Barton-Tiffany), and the former industrial lands along Ferguson Avenue (Ferguson-Wellington Corridor). The Secondary Plan also focuses on commercial and mixed use corridors within the area, where strategic redevelopment and streetscape improvements would strengthen the economic vitality of the corridors, provide additional amenities to adjacent neighbourhoods and generally beautify the area.

The West Harbour area has witnessed tremendous change in recent years, led by the City’s investments in Pier 4 and Bayfront Parks and the creation of the Waterfront Trail. The Framework Agreement signed by the City, the Federal Government and the Hamilton Port Authority has had several pivotal effects, not least of which are the new collaborative relationship between the City and the Port Authority and the transition of ownership of Piers 1, 2 and 5 through 8 from the Port Authority to the City.

Ontario Municipal Board Appeals
The Secondary Plan (Official Plan No. 198) was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. A decision (By-law 12-163 and By-law 12-164) on the CN Rail Appeal was issued by the Ontario Municipal Board on June 26, 2012. The final OMB decision on the Secondary Plan was issued by the Ontario Municipal Board on December 27, 2012.

Study Objectives
The main objective of the Setting Sail Study was to create a series of integrated plans that will guide investment and development in the area (click thumbnail to view map). The Setting Sail Study is broad and includes consideration of land use, transportation, infrastructure and urban design. When the project is finished, the result will be a new Secondary Plan, Urban Design Guidelines, a Transportation and Infrastructure Master Plan, revisions to the Zoning By-law, and a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for future municipal infrastructure projects in the area.

Specific elements of the study include the following:

  • a Needs Assessment for the previously-proposed Perimeter Road
  • a Planning Framework for the future use of Piers 5 through 8
  • consolidation and updating of the existing neighbourhood plans for Strathcona, Central, Beasley and North End
  • a revitalization strategy for the older industrial lands in the study area

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