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Water/ Wastewater Master Plan

Integrated Water and Wastewater Master Plan for the Lake Based Systems

The City of Hamilton is undertaking a city-wide water and wastewater master plan to develop policies and strategies for its water and wastewater servicing over the next 30 years. This study includes the lake based water distribution system, combined sewer and sanitary sewer systems.

As well, the rural settlement areas of Carlisle and Greensville have been included as recent studies have identified servicing from the lake based systems to be potential options for these communities.

The process of developing the water and wastewater master plan is being integrated with the development of the transportation master plan and stormwater master plan which will be the supporting documentation to the City’s new official plan.

Public Information Meetings were held in June for city-wide infrastructure Master Plans.

The master planning work is being completed through the City’s long range strategic planning initiative called GRIDS (Growth Related Integrated Development Strategy).

The water and wastewater master plan is being developed in three stages as illustrated.


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Stage 1 Baseline Study / Identify Opportunities and Constraints / Optimization Review

  • The completion of a baseline study, is currently underway
  • Water and wastewater system models are being developed to simulate the present network conditions and capacity
  • Data is being collected to calibrate the models

Stage 2 Development of Policy

  • Complete - Presented to the Public Works Infrastructure and Environment Committee, May 2, 2005
  • Set policy framework to guide the Master Plan process

Stage 3 Integrated Master Plan

  • Adhere to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process with the public consultation for the water/wastewater master plan being integrated with the transportation and stormwater master plans
  • Provide opportunity for input from all stakeholders
  • Include a holistic look at water and wastewater servicing
  • Study area includes lake based systems, communities of Carlisle and Greensville
  • Will assess the impact of the proposed growth scenarios developed through GRIDS on water, wastewater, transportation and stormwater servicing concurrently.
  • The master plans will be consistent with and reflect the servicing needs for the preferred growth pattern which will form the basis of the City’s new official plan.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • Utility corridors for the construction of trunk sanitary and water mains
  • Location(s) to supply water from and to treat wastewater
  • Control of Combined Sewer Overflows

A number of Public Information Centres (PIC) and workshops were held during the Class Environmental Assessment process to provide the public an opportunity to review the information and provide their comments. Display and other reference materials from these events are available below.

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