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I Drink Hamilton Tap Water - Campaign

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I Drink Hamilton Tap Water - Campaign


Ontario has the highest standards in the world related to drinking water. Strict monitoring, sampling, and testing procedures and regulations, have created an extremely safe and reliable system. Hamilton has high quality raw water sources and a filtration system that produces water that consistently exceeds Ontario’s standards. The City of Hamilton is committed to providing water to its citizens that is affordable, reliable, and safe.

On March 7, 2009, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Canada’s national municipal organization), issued a resolution urging "all municipalities to phase out the sale and purchase of bottled water at their own facilities where appropriate, and where potable water is available and that municipalities be urged to develop awareness campaigns about the positive benefits and quality of municipal water supplies".

In June 2010, Hamilton embarked upon the "I Drink Hamilton Tap Water" campaign to promote and educate our community on the quality of our drinking water resource.  An interesting note is that all of these models are Hamilton residents who volunteered themselves for this campaign.