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City of Hamilton – Public Works

Public Works Department

Providing services that bring our city to life
Public Works is the department that provides the water you draw from the tap for your morning coffee or shower; the roads you drive or the bus you take; the parks and open spaces you enjoy with your family and friends. The curbside collection of your Blue Box, Green Cart and waste and the City buildings you visit are all a part of Public Works services.

Road Construction

Road maintenance

Energy Policy



Parks and Open Space Development Trees and Flowers Greening our fleet



Bridges Parks Maintenance Smart Commute Hamilton



Water and
Cemeteries Bus Schedules



Water Conservation Beautification and cleanliness HSR ride guide



Drinking water Garbage, Recycling and Green Bin

DARTS / ATS - Transportation




Rapid Transit

What's my collection day?


Environmental Assessment (EA) Projects






Rapid Ready: Expanding Mobility Choices in Hamilton