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Canada Savings Bonds -  Payroll Savings Program

The Canada Savings Bond Payroll Savings Program provides many attractive features, such as:

  • Interest calculated daily
  • Easy to redeem your bonds when you need them
  • No annual sign up… once you sign on, the amount you chose to have deducted continues indefinitely until you elect to have the deduction stopped.
  • Minimum purchase is only $4 per pay.
  • Ability to decrease, suspend or cancel your bonds. However changes will be limited to three times per campaign year.
  • Ability to request partial or full redemption of your bonds with the following limitation: partial redemption not allowed in the first three months; for full redemption made within the first three months, no interest is paid, please allow 15 days for full redemption)
  • Simple and secure online access through where you check your account or request a redemption 24/7
  • Toll free customer service line for employees, to answer questions, redeem your bonds, change your address, etc

How to Enroll: Enrolment is limited to once a year and only during the annual CSB campaign that occurs each October. More information on the annual bond campaign can be found here S:\Corporate Services\Finance\FIN\Payroll\Forms\Payroll forms\CSB Employee-Email.pdf

Changes to Bond Deductions: Existing participants can increase or decrease their existing deduction by completing a change form which can found in the “forms” section of this Web site.