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Return To Work / Work Accomodation Services

When to contact usHealth Resources | FAQs

The City of Hamilton has a team of professionals ready to help employees with health-related issues and concerns.

The team features four Return to Work Specialists, two Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Coordinators and a diverse support system.

When to contact us

Contact Return to Work / Work Accommodation Services (RTW/WA) if you need input or advice on health matters, particularly if they affect the ability to perform your work in a safe and predictable manner.

In certain instances, employees are required to contact RTW/WA. This occurs when an employee requires modified work due to an illness or injury.

In compliance with privacy legislation, employees' personal health information is treated with the level of care and confidentiality that you would expect from your family doctor.

The Return to Work / Work Accommodation (RTW/WA) team of professionals:

  • co-ordinates the rehabilitation of injured/disabled employees and promotes early and safe return to work through the provision of temporary modified work and vocational rehabilitation services
  • facilitates appropriate placement of employees so they can perform the essential duties of their jobs without endangering the health and safety of themselves or others
  • reports the results of evaluations and/or assessments to departments in terms of the employee's ability to attend and perform work safely, with or without accommodations
  • maintains an inventory of the physical demands of positions in the City of Hamilton

        Our location: 
        Standard Life Building
        120 King Street West, Suite 1165
        Hamilton, ON L8P 4V2
        Phone 905-546-2424 ext. 4332 or 4336
        Fax 905-546-4174

Frequently asked questions 

What happens when I come to RTW/WA?

A Return to Work Specialist (RTWS) will be assigned to assess your health status, ensure that you are fit to return to your regular duties, assist in determining any follow-up care that may be appropriate and assess your ability to perform any part of your regular job with temporary modifications, if necessary. The RTWS will help maximize your ability to attend and perform work in a safe and predictable manner.

Why is it necessary to have a Temporary Modified Work Program?

Work accommodation is a legislated requirement of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (formerly the Workers Compensation Act), but it is also a means of regaining and sustaining valuable employees. There is growing recognition in the medical community that a prolonged absence from one's normal life roles, including absence from the workplace, is detrimental to a person's social, physical and mental well-being. For these reasons, the City of Hamilton supports early and safe return to work for all employees.

Who do I talk to about my sick pay?

For information about sick pay/short-term disability, please contact the business administrator or financial assistant for your department. You may also contact Return To Work / Work Accommodation Services.

Call 905-546-2424 ext. 4332 if you work in:

Community Services, Public Health, Planning & Economic Development or the City Manager's Office

Call 905-546-2424 ext. 4336 if you work in:

Public Works, Fire, EMS, Corporate Services, Councillors & Mayor's Office or Human Resources

Who do I talk to about bridging and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) benefits?

For information about bridging and WSIB benefits contact your WSIB co-ordinator in Human Resources. If you work in Public Works, Police, Planning & Economic Development, Culture & Recreation, call 905-546-2424 ext. 4461. For all other departments call 905-546-2424 ext. 2379.

You can also call WSIB's Hamilton office at 905-523-1800 for information about your benefits, or visit the WSIB website (off site) for general information.

Please note that RTW/WA does not co-ordinate bridging or WSIB benefits and does not determine eligibility for bridging or WSIB benefits.

I don't have a family doctor. What do I do?

If you are having trouble finding a family doctor, contact the Hamilton Academy of Medicine for an up-to-date list of their members who are accepting new patients. You can contact the Academy at 905-528-1611 or through their website at

Health Resources

The following services are confidential, free of charge and available to all employees.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

EAP provides assessment, counselling and referral services to employees who are experiencing such problems as personal or job stress, marital/relationship issues, substance abuse and parenting difficulties.  All full-time and permanent part-time employees, retirees and their families (spouses and dependent children) can access EAP. More information available here.

Alcohol, Drug, and Gambling Services (ADGS)

Employees who are concerned about use of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication or gambling can receive an un-biased opinion and information from ADGS. Services are provided by trained social workers and are available to any member of the public.

Tobacco Hotline

This information line provides resources and information to help with smoking cessation. The hotline is maintained by the Social and Public Health Services department and can be used by any member of the public.