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CUPE Local 1041 Joint Job Evaluation Program

Documents on this site are intended for the exclusive use of City of Hamilton Employees and are not to be reproduced or distributed externally.

The CUPE Local 1041 Joint Job Evaluation Program and Manual of Procedures was established as a result of the three year collective agreement ratified by union members and approved by City Council on April 28, 2005.  The CUPE Local 1041 Job Evaluation Plan will be used to evaluate all jobs within the CUPE Local 1041 bargaining unit based on the skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions of the job.  This ensures that jobs that are substantially equal will be paid under the same salary range and ensures that jobs are fairly paid, one compared to the other.

Procedures have been developed in key areas such as:

Creating a new job: outlines the process for a preliminary evaluation of the position.

Preparing a job description: HR Toolkit on creating job descriptions (coming soon)

Evaluating changes in an existing job: outlines the evaluation process when changes in job content occur through departmental restructuring, introduction of a new program or creation/deletion of services by another authority or jurisdiction.

Request for reconsideration: outlines the appeal process if the incumbent and/or manager/supervisor disagrees with the rating of an existing job.

CUPE Local 1041 Joint Reconsideration Committee: outlines the role and composition of the Joint Reconsideration Committee.

Retroactivity Guidelines & Salary Administration: retroactive payments resulting from an increase in a job rating will be paid from the effective date of the changes in the job to a maximum of six months from the date the Questionnaire was received in Human Resources.

CUPE Local 1041 Joint Job Evaluation Progress Reports: see list of Progress Reports on establishment of job evaluation program.

CUPE Local 1041 Job Evaluation Documents & Forms

CUPE Local 1041 Job Evaluation Contacts

Pay Equity Plan

Current CUPE Local 1041 Salary Schedule - located S:\Human Resources\Common\Salary Schedules\1041

Contact the Compensation Specialist assigned to your department if you have questions about the process.