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Accessible Transportation Services

Welcome to the Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) section!


Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) is the City of Hamilton operational section that administers the family of accessible transportation services on behalf of the City.  For specialized transportation services, ATS registers passengers for the City's contracted service provider, the Disabled and Aged Regional Transportation System (DARTS) and its subcontractor, Veterans Taxi Service (VETS).  ATS also manages policies and guidelines for service delivery, provides customer service, manages the Taxi Scrip Program, and coordinates use of accessible HSR buses for people with disabilities who require assistance.  ATS reports to City Council through the Transportation, Energy and Facilities Division of the Public Works Department.

Specialized transportation is a "door-to-door" wheelchair accessible shared ride bus service in which the driver provides assistance to the passenger.  According to the Canadian Urban Transit Association, Hamilton provides the 7th highest level of specialized transportation service in Canada (approximately 600,000 trips per year).  This number is expected to rise steadily in the future.



On November 1, 2012, the City of Hamilton will be implementing a new eligibility policy for Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) including DARTS service.

Eligibility for service will be based on a person's functional abilities (physical, cognitive, and sensory), and on their environment as to whether they are able to use fixed-route public transit (HSR bus service).

For information on the new ATS Eligibility policy please click on the following link: 
ATS-DARTS Service Bulletin Re: Eligibility 

To access the new ATS Application Form please click on the following link:  ATS Application Form

An appeal process is available for any applicant who wishes to appeal the outcome of their eligibility determination.  For a copy of an appeal form please click on the following link:  ATS Appeal Form                              


At the direction of Council, ATS staff have recommended a revised Eligibility and Registration Policy for specialized transit. For a copy of the report please click on the following link: Eligibility and Registration Policy Revision for Accessible Transportation Services (PW03128c)

For a copy of the Executive Summary to the report please click on the following link: Appendix "A" regarding Eligibility and Registration Policy Revision  

This report was reviewed and approved by Council on April 28, 2010.  For a copy of the Council Recommendation please click on the following link: (Item 7.2 on Page 12) Recommendation from Wednesday April 28, 2010 Council Meeting

For a Summary of Comments from the Public Information Centres held on September 24, 2008 and March 11, 2009 - click on the following links:

Public Information Centre - Sep 24 08

Public Information Centre - Mar 11 09

The Disabled and Aged Regional Transportation System (DARTS)

The Disabled and Aged Regional Transportation System (DARTS) is the non profit charitable organization that is the accessible service provider for the City. DARTS is a door to door transportation service employing wheelchair accessible buses and contracted taxi service.

For more information on DARTS service click on the following link:
Passenger's Guide to DARTS

To learn more about DARTS please visit


DARTS is a shared ride service; that means people travel together on the bus.  DARTS endeavours to make sure that schedules are efficient in order to pick up and drop off as many passengers as possible.  This may add to the time it takes passengers to get to their destination, but it is to ensure that as many people as possible get service, so please be patient. 


Video surveillance cameras are used on the Specialized Transit service for the City of Hamilton (DARTS). Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the recorded image of an individual is considered personal information.

The personal information collected by the use of the City’s video surveillance cameras is collected under the authority of the City of Hamilton Act, 1999 and Municipal Act. The information is used for the purpose of enhancing safety and security of people and property, reducing crime on City property, and assisting the risk management and insurance process.

Any questions about this collection can be directed to:

Director of Transit
City of Hamilton
2200 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON   L0R 1W0




Interested passengers must contact ATS and register for DARTS Web (905-529-1212, Press "1")
.  ATS will provide a password in order to access DARTS Web.  ATS will offer assistance and/or training to passengers, if required.              

For information on DARTS Web click on the following link:  ATS Web

To access DARTS Web click on the following link:


The Taxi Scrip program provides discounted coupons for transportation with any taxi company within the City of Hamilton. Taxi Scrip passengers book service directly with the taxi company at their convenience. To benefit from Taxi Scrip, a person must be unable to use regular transit by reason of a disability, must have registered with Accessible Transportation Services and must be prepared to show the taxi driver their personal ATS Photo Identification Card each time a taxi trip is taken. Effective November 1, 2012, eligibility for Taxi Scrip is determined using the same eligibility criteria as DARTS, and is offered only in conjunction with DARTS service.  

For more information on the Taxi Scrip Program view our detailed
Taxi Scrip Program section or click on the following link: Passengers Guide to Taxi Scrip


For information on wheelchairs and scooters that can be transported on DARTS please click on the following link: 
Wheelchairs & Scooters  

To view a copy of the ATS policy on Call Returns please click on the following link:
Call Return Policy

To view a copy of the ATS bulletin on the acceptable size of scooters and wheelchairs on HSR buses please click on the following link:
Information for Wheelchair & Scooter Users

Regular transit service in Hamilton, known as the HSR (Hamilton Street Railway), is a fully accessible low floor bus service.  This enables many individuals, including seniors and persons with disabilities, to use HSR service.  Accessible Low Floor (ALF) buses have ramps and provide level entry and exit with no steps, and can accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.  The ALF buses are easy to use for everyone, especially for those people who have difficulty climbing stairs.  For more information on ALF Buses please click on the following link:
ALF Buses 





  • DARTS/HSR Fare Harmonization (May 2013) - This passenger service bulletin contains important information about new fare options for DARTS passengers starting on June 1, 2013 
  • Excessive No Show and Cancellation Policy (February 2013) - This passenger service bulletin contains important information about the ATS-DARTS No Show and Cancellation Policy;
  • Changes to ATS and DARTS Service (July 2012) - This passenger service bulletin contains important information about changes to ATS and DARTS Service during 2012; 
  • Stop Annunciation on HSR Buses (Stop Annunciation) - This update contains information about automated stop annunciation and display on HSR buses; 
  • Security Cameras on DARTS Buses (January 2011) - This passenger service bulletin contains important information about security cameras being installed on DARTS buses; 
  • Changes to DARTS Fares & Support Persons Policy (December 2009) - This passenger service bulletin contains important information about changes to DARTS fares & the new Support Persons policy for ATS & DARTS;



Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities (ACPD)
The Advisory Committee for persons with Disabilities is committed to raising the community awareness of disabilities and identifying issues that will lead to the elimination of barriers for persons with disabilities:
Terms of Reference ACPD

Seniors Advisory Committee (SAC)
The Seniors Advisory committee shall be a credible communication vehicle regarding the quality of life for all older persons in the City. It provides a form for consumers and delivers of senior service and facilities to identify issues, explore possible remedies and work to implement them:
Terms of Reference Seniors

City of Hamilton Access and Equity Office
Hamilton City Council made an explicit commitment in 2001 towards ensuring that the City places a high value on diversity of its residents and its desire to develop, promote and possess an equitable and inclusive environment:
City of Hamilton Accessibility Plan

To contact ATS via mail, please address the envelope to:
The Hamilton Street Railway Company
c.o. Accessible Transportation Services
2200 Upper James Street, P.O. Box 340
Mount Hope ON L0R 1W0

To contact ATS via Email:

To contact ATS via telephone:

ATS Customer Service
8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays)
(905) 529-1212