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Parks List - G to L

To book an event in a park, please call the Culture and Recreation Department at (905) 540-5590.

Gage Park

1000 Main Street East.
Gage Park is a large, multi-purpose park with recreational opportunities, passive areas, and historical significance. It offers a variety of sports activities, such as baseball, tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and lawn bowling, and has a considerable amount of open space, which makes it an excellent location for festivals. Gage Park also has two playgrounds (one is wheelchair accessible), a bandshell, greenhouses, gardens, spray pad, wading pool, the Children's Museum where there is a creative play structure with spring toys and swings, and the beautiful Gage Park Fountain.

Gary Hill Memorial Park

80 Queen Street North.
Gary Hill Memorial Park is a small parkette with a bench, surrounded with trees.

Gatesbury Park

28 Niska Drive, Waterdown.
Gatesbury Park is a sports park with soccer fields, softball fields, play equipment, swings, benches, a half basketball court, and walkways.  Parking and washrooms are available.

Gilkson Park

50 Gemini Drive at Glen Arms.
Gilkson Park is a large sports park that includes land at R. A. Riddell Public School and provides a variety of sports fields, swings, spring toys, a spray pad and basketball court.

Glanbrook Sports Complex

4300 Binbrook Road by Fletcher Road, Glanbrook.
Glanbrook Sports Complex is a huge, busy sports park with several hardball fields, soccer fields, and play equipment.  The Glanbrook Youth Soccer Club building is here, as well as an arena (with washrooms) and a City of Hamilton Municipal Service Centre.  Parking is available.

Glen Castle Park

30 Glen Castle Drive by Forest Hill Crescent.
Glen Castle Park has traditional playground equipment, which is in a shaded area, bocce courts, and soccer fields for little leagues.

Glendale Park

255 Rainbow Drive by Glen Echo Drive.
Glendale Park is adjacent to Glendale Secondary School and Glen Echo Public School. Playground equipment was provided by the Lions' Club, and there is also a baseball diamond in the park. It was redeveloped in 1996 with a play structure and swings, and also contains a spray pad, park shelter, paved pathway and multi-use court with basketball backboards and hoops. 

Glenholme Avenue Park

308 Glenholme Ave.
Glenholme Avenue Park is a somewhat triangular piece of land with a few trees, situated between Lawrence Rd. and Glenholme Ave.

Globe Park

800 Woodward Avenue.
Globe Park is a major baseball facility with a licensed area for alcoholic beverages and concession stands. The Red Hill Creek runs through the property.

Glow Park

159 Mead Avenue by Glow Avenue.
Glow Park is a small neighbourhood playground that was redeveloped in 1995 with an accessible play structure, swings, plaza, lights, and trees. The park is surrounded by houses.

Golf Links Park

226 Seymour Drive, Ancaster.
Golf Links Park is a pretty, passive park divided into two areas with walkways, swings, a creative play structure, spring toys, a climber, and a pedestrian bridge.

Gore Park

1 Hughson Street South.
Gore Park consists of two somewhat triangular parcels of land in the city's downtown core. The section between James and Hughson has benches, flower beds, a statue of Queen Victoria, and an ornamental fountain -- a replica of the park's original Victorian fountain. The portion between Hughson and John has a cenotaph, a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, and a raised grass area with a concrete perimeter for seating. The south side of both sections has stops for buses running between the Mountain and the lower city.

Gourley Park

142 Duncairn Crescent.
Gourley Park is a neighbourhood park with an existing woodlot, new play structures, a spray pad, basketball court, shelter, pathways, and tennis courts. A community building was installed in the park and completed by Spring 1998 and is used by the Gourley Park Community Association.

Green Acres and Little League Parks

880 Queenston Road, Stoney Creek.
These sports parks sit end to end in an area bounded by Queenston Road, Randall Avenue, Galbraith Drive, and Valley Drive (Faircourt Park extends south of Randall Avenue to King Street West).  The parks have hardball, softball, and soccer fields, swings, and a natural area.  The Stoney Creek Tennis Club is on site, as well as an Optimist Club building (which has washrooms).  Battlefield Creek runs through the parks.  Parking is available.

Greenhill Park

589 Greenhill Avenue.
Greenhill Park is a small playground with a play structure, swings, and spring toys.  It is adjacent to open space and is divided by a creek/drainage ditch.

Greenside Acres

171 St. Margaret's Road, Ancaster.
Greenside Acres is a natural area.

Guy Brown Park

154 Brian Blvd, Waterdown.
Guy Brown Park is also known as Block 113 Park, and has a natural area and shrub beds.



250 Charlton Avenue West.
H.A.A.A. stands for Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association. This is a major sports park in the lower city with a track, basketball court, tennis courts (located at the Hamilton Tennis Club facility), soccer field, and a field house.  There are swings, spring toys, paved walkways, a spray pad and an accessible play structure here.  The park is adjacent to the Ryerson Recreation Centre and Ryerson Public School.

Hampton Park

28 Lupin Avenue by Ninth Avenue.
Hampton Park has an accessible play structure, a ball diamond, spray pad, seating area under a new shelter, and a half basketball court.

Harmony Park

484 Annalee Drive, Ancaster.
Harmony Park is a quiet neighbourhood park with swings, independent play equipment, and a multi-purpose court.

Harvey Park

618 York Blvd.
Harvey Park is a narrow strip of land running along the west side of Hamilton Harbour adjacent to Dundurn Park. It is a nice park for walking or picnicking and provides an excellent view of the harbour. The site also has considerable historical significance.
Hamilton Public Library site  (off site)

Hayward Park

13 Dalkeith Avenue.
Hayward Park is a small playground with a play structure and swings.

Henry and Beatrice Warden Park

55 Lake Avenue North by Queenston Road.
Henry & Beatrice Warden Park is located in a small valley with a creek running through one side. The park is quite picturesque and has a number of mature trees, as well as a creative play structure, swings, multi-purpose court, spray pad, and pathways.

Heritage Green Sports Park

355 First Road West.
Heritage Green Sports Park is a major sports park with a number of high quality soccer fields and ball diamonds.  Washroom facilities and parking is available.

High Park

630 Hendry Lane, Ancaster.
This small park is at the foot of Ancaster Heights Park.

Highland Gardens Park

81 Hillcrest Avenue.
Highland Gardens Park is located at the escarpment's edge in the lower city and is also the site of a reservoir. It has facilities for baseball and soccer and there is a natural area along the edges of the park, a cliff on the south side, and a steep slope on the north side. A portion of the Chedoke Radial Trail crosses the property, beginning at Hillcrest Ave. and Beulah. The Dundurn Stairs are adjacent to the west side of the park.

Highview Park

879 Brucedale Avenue East.
Highview Park is adjacent to Highview Public School. It has a modern play structure, baseball diamond, basketball court, and spray pad. The north side of the park is open space.

Hillcrest Park

485 Queenston Road.
Hillcrest Park is a large sports park in the east end of Hamilton with several softball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis and multi-purpose courts. It is adjacent to Hillcrest and Hillsdale Public Schools, St. Helen's School, a townhouse complex, and the Red Hill Creek. A portion of the Red Hill Valley Recreational Trail runs through the park.

Hillside Park

57 Hillside Avenue, Dundas.
Hillside Park is a passive neighbourhood park with swings, a walkway, and an entrance to the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail.

Hill Street Park

13 Hill Street by Dundurn Street South.
Hill Street Park is divided into two sections: a large section on the north side of Hill Street and a smaller Community Garden on the south side. The northern portion currently has a leash-free dog park to the west, and traditional playground equipment with benches to the east. 

Hixon Parkette

308 Hixon Road.
Hixon Parkette is a small park with a creative play structure, swings, and a hard surface pathway.

Homebrook Park

204 Stagecoach Drive, Glanbrook.
Homebrook Park has walkways, play structures, swings, and a basketball court.  A natural area surrounds it.

Hopkins Park

19 Second Street North, Stoney Creek.
Hopkins Park has play equipment, a horseshoe pit, a walkway, and a natural area surrounding it.

Hunter Estates

314 MacIntosh Drive, Stoney Creek.
Hunter Estates is a neighbourhood park with play equipment, walkways, sports fields, a basketball court, and a woodlot.

Huntington Park

40 Broker Drive.
Huntington Park has a play structure, swings, a spray pad, wading pool, a recreation centre, and tennis courts with paid access through the recreation centre. It is adjacent to Huntington Park Public School.

Inch Park

400 Queensdale Avenue East.
Inch Park is a major sports park with fields for hardball, softball, and t-ball (pathways have been added for access).  Home to the Challenger Baseball League, Inch Park also contains tennis courts, swimming and wading pools, a wheelchair accessible playground with spring toys and swings.  A new recreation centre was built in 1995.


J.C. Beemer Park

68 Victoria Avenue North.
J. C. Beemer Park has a play structure and swings, running track, wading pool, and spray pad. It is joined with the former Tweedsmuir Public School site.

Jackie Washington Rotary Park

361 Wellington Street North.
This vibrant park has a multi-purpose court, park shelter, paved pathways and 14 pieces of exercise equipment installed in 2011.

Jackson Playground

439 Jackson St. W.
Jackson Playground is a neighbourhood park with a small, open area, an accessible play structure, and swings.

James Smith Park

50 Braithwaite Avenue, Ancaster.
James Smith Park is a neighbourhood park with soccer fields, a softball field, public tennis courts, a creative play structure, spring toys, paved walkways, shrub beds, and a natural area.  Parking is available.

Jerome Neighbourhood Park

1306 Upper Wellington Street.
Jerome Neighbourhood Park is currently undeveloped.

Jerseyville Park

2688 Jerseyville Road West, Ancaster.
Jerseyville Park is a neighbourhood park with softball fields, an independent slide, a climber, spring toy, and some swings.  Parking is provided.

Jimmy Lomax Park

1120 Beach Blvd.
Named after Hamilton's own Santa Claus, this park is located at the northern end of Beach Blvd. across from Manor Avenue on former Hamilton Conservation Authority Land.  It consists of a ball diamond, a soccer field, some benches and trees.

Joe Sams Leisure Park

752 Centre Road, Waterdown.
Joe Sams Leisure Park is a large, lovely park with many open areas for recreational activities. The hardball and soccer fields are popular with leagues, and there are many walkways for those on foot. The Waterdown North Wetland Trails run through part of this park.  Parking is available.
See also our Places to Rollerblade page.

John Prentice Park

45 Renata Court, Dundas.
John Prentice park is a small, quiet park with a natural area at the back.

John Santarelli Plateau Park

4 Millen Road, Stoney Creek.
Plateau Park is a small park with a few benches, play equipment, a play structure, swings, spring toys, a full-sized basketball court, walkway, and trees.

Johnson Tew Park

20 Medwin Drive, Greensville.
Johnson Tew Park is a natural area.

John Watson Park

75 Donn Avenue, Stoney Creek.
John Watson Park is a natural area.

John Willson Park

480 Winona Road, Stoney Creek.
John Willson Park is a neighbourhood park with a play structure, swings,  and a walkway.


Kaga Corner

6 York Road, Dundas
This is a small parkette with benches, a walkway and trees.

Kay Drage Park

80 Macklin Street North, Hamilton.
Kay Drage Park is a large sports park with soccer and baseball fields that was built on top of a former landfill site. The entrance to the park is located across the expressway on Macklin Street.

Keith Park

90 Burton Street at Douglas Avenue.
Keith Park consists of two portions, one of which is currently undeveloped. The other portion was redeveloped in 2006 new playground equipment, a spring toy, and a rubber surface surrounding the playground. 

Kennedy East Park

130 Malton Drive at Christopher Drive.
Kennedy East Park is a neighbourhood park with a multi-purpose court, two play structures, two spring toys, swings, paved walkways, a spray pad, benches, and a shelter.

Kernighan Neighbourhood Park

891 West 5th Street.
Kernighan Park has new play structures, swings and climbers.

King's Forest Park

150 Greenhill Avenue.  (King's Forest Golf Course, Rosedale Pool, part of Rosedale Park are also on Greenhill Avenue.)
King's Forest Park is a large natural area along the escarpment's edge. The Red Hill Creek runs through the property; Albion Falls are located in the southernmost tip, and Buttermilk Falls are located in the central western tip. A portion of the Red Hill Valley Recreational Trail extends northward across the park.

King's Mead

180 Lynbrook Drive at King's Mead Crescent.
King's Mead Park is a flat, open parkette with perimeter trees in the middle of King's Mead Crescent.

Kinsmen Park

387 Beach Blvd.
Located on the east side of Beach Boulevard, Kinsmen Park has three play areas with swings, spring toys, and a creative play structure shaped like a ship, a wading pool, benches, and picnic tables. It is adjacent to Lake Ontario.

Kitty Murray Park

120 Kitty Murray Lane, Ancaster.
Kitty Murray Park is a neighbourhood park with a paved walkway, a creative play structure, swings, spring toys, a climbing wall, and a T-Ball field.

Kopperfield Park

20 Idlewilde Lane, Glanbrook.
Kopperfield Park is a passive park with two creative play structures, swings, and a multi-use court with basketball nets.  The park is surrounded by a natural area.


Lake Avenue Park

140 Lake Avenue North.
Lake Avenue Park consists a somewhat bowl-shaped area developed with a baseball diamond and a grassy, passive area on the other side of a private roadway, extending towards Huckleberry Drive. It is adjacent to the Bow Valley area. There is a creek running along the east side of the park.

Langs Park

1119 Scenic Dr.
Langs Park is a heavily wooded ravine area with a creek running through it.

Lawfield Park

150 Folkstone Avenue.
Lawfield Park has one tennis court, a multi-purpose court, an accessible play structure, swings, spring toys, a spray pad, soccer field, walking track, parking, paved lit walkways, and an arena. The property is adjacent to Lawfield Public School and St. Cecilia's Separate School.

Lawrence P. Sayers Park

39 Lakegate Drive, Stoney Creek.
Lawrence P. Sayers is a quiet park with creative play structures, swings, benches, a great waterfront view, and a parking lot.  The Waterfront Trail has a trail head here.

Leadale Place Parkette

29 Leadale Place
Leadale Place Parkette is a grassy island with some trees.

Leaside Park

1155 Leaside Road.
Leaside Park is a neighbourhood park with a playground, multi-purpose court, and softball field.

Leslie B. Couldrey Park

19 Bridlewood Drive, Dundas.
Leslie B. Couldrey Park is a neighbourhood park with a play structure, swings, spring toys, and a soccer field. A natural area runs alongside the park, and a ravine is at one edge of the park.

Lifesavers Park

100 Cumberland Avenue at Sanford Avenue South.
Lifesavers Park is adjacent to the Lifesaver factory. It has a T-ball field, basketball court, an accessible play structure, and swings.

Lions Gate Park

79 Elmira Drive at Lionsgate Avenue.
Lions Gate Park has a large creative play structure, a walkway, and several trees.

Lisgar Park

95 Carson Drive.
Lisgar Park has an accessible creative play structure, swings, soccer field, sun shelter, a spray pad, basketball court, and bocce court (membership required).  The park is adjacent to Lisgar Public School.

Little Albert Park

1198 King St. E.
Little Albert Park is a traffic island turned into a parkette. It is surrounded by King Street East, Dunsmure Road, and East Bend Avenue and consists of a central plaza with benches and flower beds.

Little John Park

110 Little John Road, Dundas.
Little John Park is a neighbourhood park with a creative play structure, spring toys, swings, and a public tennis court.  There is also a current Leash Free designation at this park.

Little League Park Ancaster

29 Orchard Avenue, Ancaster.
Also known as Spring Valley Bowl, Little League Park has softball fields, shelters, a natural area, and parking. 

Little League Park Stoney Creek

880 Queenston Road.
Green Acres Park and Little League Park sit end to end in an area bounded by Queenston Road, Randall Avenue, Galbraith Drive, and Valley Drive. The parks have hardball, softball, and soccer fields, swings, and a natural area. The Stoney Creek Tennis Club is on site, as well as an Optimist Club building. Parking is available.

Lucy Day Park

33 Clinton Street by Barnesdale Avenue North.
Lucy Day Park is geared to children and has two new play structures from 2010, swings, and a new spray pad for 2011.

Lynden Lions South Park

4070 Governor's Road, Ancaster.
This neighbourhood park is home to the Lynden Lions Club building. There are two softball fields, a play structure, swings, and spring toys. Parking and washrooms are available.

Lynden Legion Park

206 Lynden Road, Lynden.
Lynden Legion Park has two creative play structures, swings, spring toys,  a softball field, two public tennis courts, a basketball court, shrub beds, and parking.