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It's My Park Day - Get Your Hands Dirty!

Parks Hamilton invites dedicated community groups and Adopt-a-Park groups to organize It's My Park Day volunteer projects in neighborhood parks. Volunteer activities range from litter and graffiti clean-up to wood chipping trees. Celebrate your park and help keep Hamilton Parks Clean & Green!

YOU can Help!
Connect with your neighbourhood Adopt-a-Park group to find out when their It’s My Park Day is….It's that simple!

It's My Park Day is a great opportunity to meet your local Adopt a Park group.

If your neighbourhood park is NOT adopted, put a team together and adopt a park!

It’s My Park Day! Get your Hands Dirty! Register today!

Great Parks Report

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who help make our parks great! Volunteers participated in the Adopt-a-Park Program, Park Appreciation Days and helped with 3 Extreme Park Makeovers in 2014! We wanted to share their successes with everyone. The Great Parks Report captures some of the events that took place in 2015. Thanks for helping make our parks clean & green in 2014! Are you not a registered Adopt-a-Park group? Why not consider becoming one? It's easy, fun, and has a positive effect on your community. Find out how you can be part of the Adopt-a-Park Program.

Share your successes. Complete the Community Improvement Report and share stories and pictures on our facebook page at

2015 Extreme Park Makeover

The 2015 Extreme Park Makeover will take place June 5 to 7 at Life Saver Park!

Over $10,000 will be invested in improving and enhancing your park. We are working with our community partners in planning a great makeover.

More exciting details will be announce soon. Check out our Facebook page.