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Traffic Operations & Engineering Services

                                          General Inquiries
                          (905) 546-4376 or

Collision Statistics

Requests for statistics must be made in writing with a signature, email is unacceptable.  For all other inquiries, contact Linda at x2064 or

Annual Reports:

2010 Traffic Safety Report   2008-2010 Traffic Safety Report 2009 Traffic Safety Report 
2008 Traffic Safety Report  2007 Traffic Safety Report     2005-2007 Traffic Safety Report

Pavement Markings
Inquiries pertaining to painting of crosswalks, centre-lines, edge-lines, arrows and bike lanes can be made by contacting us at :
(905) 546-4376 or

For paint on vehicles please contact Risk Management at 905-546-2489.

Traffic Operations and Engineering services is responsible for the following signs:
  • Regulatory (Stop, one-way arrows, speed limits etc.)
  • Warning (curves, playground, deaf child etc.)
  • Information

For requests of new, damaged, missing, knocked down or obscured signs please contact us at :
(905) 546-4376 or

Stop Signs
Requests relating to stop signs are the most common calls we receive. All-way stops are the most common request.  Please note that a stop sign isn’t installed to reduce speeding, and may in fact have the opposite effect.  Stop signs are designed to assign the right-of-way at an intersection.

Roundabouts & Traffic Circles
The City of Hamilton currently has roundabouts in the Ancaster and Binbrook areas, and smaller retrofit traffic circles in Stoney Creek.  Several more roundabouts are in the design stage, and should be constructed over the next few years.  To find out more on roundabouts in Hamilton, visit the Roundabout Info Page or read the City of Hamilton Roundabout Policy.  You can also view a live webcam of one of our roundabouts.

Truck Routes
The City uses permissive signing for truck route signs to designate roads where trucks are allowed. This permissive sign system is much more cost effective, easily conveys the message to the drivers, and prevents the proliferation of restrictive signs on all roadways which are not truck routes. View the City of Hamilton June 2014 Truck Route Map.

Inquiries relating to traffic signal operation such as new traffic signals, advance left turns, pedestrian signal requests, pedestrian walk times or red light cameras, etc. please contact Traffic Operations & Engineering Services in writing or by email.   

For traffic signal timing information and traffic engineering technical drawings please fill out the following application and forward it back to our office.

Pedestrian Crossing Video.
Accessible Pedestrian Signal
Information Brochure with Frequently Asked Questions

Red Light Cameras

The City of Hamilton is responsible for the installation and operation of Red Light Cameras. Legislative issues relating to enforcement and violations are handled by the Province. For example, questions regarding whether or not you will be receiving a ticket from passing through a red light camera location are not something we can answer.  Tickets are typically mailed by the Province within 4 weeks of the offence.  If you received a ticket and have questions, contact the Courthouse at (905) 540-5592.  


Related Permits and Services provided by other departments and agencies.

Aggressive Driver Hotline
The Aggressive Driver Hotline  is an automated 24 hour telephone system that can be reached at 905-546-1768 run by Hamilton Police Service.  If you have observed aggressive driving, we ask that you call and provide a description of the incident, the time of the incident, a description of the car and driver, and the license plate number of the car.  Hamilton Police will then send a cautionary letter to the driver advising them to modify their driving.  


To report a by-law infraction contact the Bylaw & Enforcement  at 905-540-6000.  A representative will log your call and a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer will investigate.


Information on bike routes, on-street bike lanes, or bike racks can be found on the Cycling Website .  Requests for copies of the City of Hamilton Bike Routes, Trails, and Parks map.

Driveway Access Permits

Commercial and high-density multi-unit residential (high volume) building driveway permits.  Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920.

Reduced Load Roadways

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario’s highways during spring thaw (March & April), when road damage is most likely to occur.  Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920. 

Road Maintenance
For questions regarding streets plowing, potholes, dusty streets, cracked sidewalks, damaged driveway accesses, curbs needing repair, contact Road Maintenance and Operations.  Maintenance Districts and Snow Priorities maps can be found on the maps.hamilton section of the city website.

Requests on speeding vehicles are very common. Effective methods in achieving reductions in speed are enforcement, utilizing the Aggressive Driver Hotline, or the Speed Watch Program.

Tourism Oriented Directional Signing (TODS)

Canadian TODS is a joint program of the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Transportation.  The blue and white signs are designed to direct traffic to tourist destinations to and from Ministry Highways.  To request information on requesting these signs, contact Toursim Hamilton


Applicants should call Ontario OneCall at 1-800-400-2255.

Oversize Truck Permits

Carriers are required to have the appropriate liability insurance and must obtain an oversize/overweight permit before operating on city roadways.  There are two types of permits, single trip or annual. Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920.


Road Occupancy Permits (Construction Related Activities)
A Road Occupancy Permit ensures proper approval is obtained and compliance is met to the satisfaction of the City of Hamilton.  Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920. 


For all inquiries regarding street lighting, and/or to report a failed street light please contact Corridor Management by Email. You may also call the street lighting hotline at 905-546-2098. Please visit the Streetlighting website for more information.

Traffic Impact Studies

The goal of a traffic impact study is to assess potential impacts of traffic changes caused by proposed development on municipal roads and to identify any infrastructure improvements of mitigation measures needed to ensure the road network will operate acceptably and safely upon completion of the proposed development. Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920.

Traffic Volumes (Counts)
Currently the City of Hamilton counts road segments and intersections on a case by case basis.  The network screening program is currently being reviewed and should be completed by years end.  Please contact Corridor Management by Email or at 905-546-2424 x5920.