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Shifting Gears - Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan

The City's current cycling master plan is called "Shifting Gears 2009".  This study commenced in the fall of 2008 and was finalized in early 2010.  The previous cycling master plan was written in 1999 (a link is provided below).  This webpage provides information regarding the cycling master plan and its development .

Shifting Gears 2009 was approved by City Council on June 24, 2009

Shifting Gears 2009 incorporates a variety of matters that affect cycling including routes, end of trip facilities, promotion and education.  The report is posted below, including a map of the planned cycling facilities described in the report.  Click on the following active links to access the PDFs of the various sections of the report.

A map of the Planned Cycling Network  (1MB) as described in Shifting Gears 2009 - page 42 of Chapter 4 below.

Shifting Gears 2009:
(separated into smaller sections to download)

Executive Summary and Chapters 1 to 3 (4MB)

Chapter 4 - Cycling Master Plan Development rev. 2011 (1MB)
NB: the previous version of Chapter 4, posted here in 2010 is as follows: Chapter 4 - Cycling Master Plan Development (4MB)

Chapter 5 - Planned Cycling Master Plan by Ward rev. 2011 (4.5MB)
NB: the previous version of Chapter 5, posted here in 2010 is as follows: Chapter 5 - Planned Cycling Master Plan by Ward (2MB)

Chapters 6 to 9 - Implementation and Supporting Actions (0.1MB)

 Appendix A - Preferred Projects & Preliminary Implementation Schedule (0.1MB)
 Appendix B - Preferred Cycling Network Map (same as link above) (1MB)
 Appendix C - Public Consultation (9MB)
 Appendix D - Stakeholder and Agency Consultation (0.6MB)
 Appendix E - Public Works Staff Report PW09-068 (1.8MB)
 Appendix F - Public Works Committee Report 09-010 (0.1MB)
 Appendix G - Summary of Public Final Review Period Comments (0.1MB)

If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact the person noted below.

Daryl Bender
Project Manager, Alternative Transportation
Traffic Engineering Section, Public Works
City of Hamilton
77 James St. N., Ste. 320
Hamilton L8R 2K3
905-546-2424 ext. 2066 or by email

Below is information that was posted on this webpage as the updated cycling master plan was being developed in 2008 and 2009.

The previous cycling master plan for the former Region of Hamilton-Wentworth is posted here for reference Shifting Gears (1999).

Other key documents highlighting cycling plans for the City of Hamilton.

Note that there is a list of other studies that effect cycling infrastructure on the Public Work's Strategic & Environmental Planning website.

Two series of Public Information Centres were hosted in the development of Shifting Gears 2009.  The information from these events is posted below:

Public Information Centre #2
The second round of Public Information Centres (PICs) was hosted in April 2009 at two locations.

Tuesday April 14, 6 to 8pm
    Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, 100 Main St. W

Thursday April 16, 6 to 8pm
    Sackville Hill Seniors Recreation Centre, 780 Upper Wentworth St.

panel #1: Welcome
panel #2: Timeline
panel #3: Opportunities Statement
panel #4: Public Info Centre #1 Feedback
panel #5: Bike Route Designs
panel #6: Primary Network as Priority
panel #7: Secondary Network Opportunities
panel #8: Map of Primary Cycling Network (1.5MB)
panel #9: Evaluation of Designs
panel #10: Criteria for Alternatives Assessment
panel #11: Results of Alternatives Assessment
panel #12: Proposed Initial Prioritization of Projects
panel #13: Education & Promotion
panel #14: Bike Parking
panel #15: Next Steps and your comments

Comments were encourage via email, fax or post and the following note was posted:
Comments and information regarding this study are being collected to assist the City of Hamilton in meeting the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. They will be maintained on file for use during the study and may be included in study documentation. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.

Public Information Centre #1
The City hosted a first round of Public Information Centres in November 2008 for this study at four locations across the City (Downtown, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Mountain).  The information panels that were presented at these Information Centres are as follows:

panel #1: Welcome
panel #2: Environmental Assessment (EA) Process
panel #3: Timeline and Methodology
panel #4: Shifting Gears Implementation to Date
panel #5: A Map of Shifting Gears Proposed Projects
panel #6: Existing Cycling Facilities Map - City-wide
panel #7: Existing Cycling Facilities Map - Urban
panel #8: Goals of the Study
panel #9: Existing AND Planned Cycling Facilities Map large file (5.5MB) or smaller file (3.6MB)
panel #10: Cycling Facility Designs
panel #11: Collision Data
panel #12: Bike Parking
panel #13: Ultimate Network Options
panel #14: Criteria for the Review of Alternatives
panel #15: Cycling Promotion
panel #16: Thank You