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The City of Hamilton provides a combination of off-road multi-use paths, on-street dedicated bike lanes and on-street signed bike routes to serve recreational and commuter cyclists' needs. Cycling, as a means of transportation, helps address environmental issues such as pollution and climate change, and it also improves your personal health through increased physical activity.
One third of all Hamilton commuter trips are within 5 km of work (not even including school trips!), that is a travel time of 25 minutes cycling at an easy pace.

Calculate walking and cycling travel times for trips close to your home (or any address you enter).

This webpage includes information on the following topics:

Hamilton Bike Maps

Click on either of the following links for PDF versions of the City's cycling infrastructure. It is recommended that you zoom into the area you desire and use the Print "Current View" command to print smaller portions of the map in greater detail.

You can also pick up a hardcopy of the Bike Routes, Trails and Parks map at the following locations:

Bike Racks on Transit Vehicles

All HSR (City transit) busses have a bike rack attached to the front bumper. For more details watch this video clip, see the instructions/details as a PDF, or contact HSR Info: 905-527-4441.

GO Transit also uses the same design of bike rack on their bus fleet that connects the Hamilton area to the GTA and Niagara Region. Bicycles are also permitted on GO Trains, but check for time period restrictions.

Bike Parking & Bike Racks

More details about bike racks AND enclosed bike parking

Questions about e-Bikes?

Bicycle Theft

Operation Bike Guard
Hamilton Police Services have just launched an easier way to record information that identifies your bicycle should it be stolen. One of the issues with bicycle theft is the difficulty of identifying bicycles when they are recovered. Visit for more details.

Record your bicycle serial number to facilitate claiming your bicycle should it ever be stolen. Aside from storing the number in your own home, there are bike registries on the web that offer a similar service. Typically the serial number of your bicycle is on the frame under the shaft that houses the pedals. The Hamilton Police have an engraver that you can borrow to engrave personal ID on your bike to facilitate bike identification too (905-546-2424 ext.4900 to arrange).

If your bicycle is stolen, please visit the police station nearest you to file a stolen/lost bicycle report. The report must be filled out in person and they will provide you with more details at that time. The bicycle report will enable the Police to identify your bike should it be recovered and also the report provides statistical information. The Hamilton Police hold unclaimed bicycles for a minimum of 30 days; so should your bicycle be stolen, check with the Police. The Police do not hold their own auctions to get rid of unclaimed bicycles. Unclaimed bicycles are auctioned off through an online service based in Toronto.

Tourism & Bike Rides

Details about cycling tourism and featured bike rides to enjoy!

Cycling Safety & Education

Cycling safety pointers, cycling traffic devices, and cycling education courses in Hamilton.

Maintenance of Cycling Infrastructure

Cycling infrastructure includes both bike lanes and multi-use trails. Bike lanes are maintained as part of the street network by Road Operations. Multi-use trails are part of the park network so those trails that are owned by the City are maintained by Parks Maintenance. Multi-use trails that are owned by the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) are maintained by the HCA.

The City conducted a winter maintenance pilot project to assess the winter maintenance of bike lanes during the 2011-2013 winter seasons and this project continues through the 2013-2014 winter season. This pilot project includes bike lanes on Sterling Street, Longwood Road, Dundurn Street, and Sanders Boulevard. The pilot project includes community feedback thus people are encouraged to submit comments that will help assess this project.

Shifting Gears - Hamilton's cycling master plan

Learn more about Hamilton's plans for improved mobility on two wheels.

Building the Bike Network

Review lists of current and past City cycling projects.

Hamilton Cycling Committee

The purpose of the Hamilton Cycling Committee (HCyC) is to advise the City on all matters relating to cycling, to monitor implementation of the Hamilton cycling plan, to encourage and participate in planning bicycling facilities, to encourage citizens to cycle instead of drive and to educate on the benefits and necessities of cycling.  The Terms of Reference provides more details.  General information about the HCyC and other City of Hamilton committees is summarized on this webpage.

The Hamilton Cycling Committee is a public committee and all citizens are welcome to attend meetings.  To find out when and where the next meeting will be held call 905.546.2424 x.2066 or visit the Hamilton Cycling Committee website Cycle Hamilton. Minutes of the meetings are sent to the City's Public Works Committee (PWC) and are included in PWC meeting agendas which are posted on the City website.

Picture Gallery

Do you have photos of your cycling activities? The City of Hamilton would like to share your images of Hamilton cycling activities featuring cycling trails and bike lanes. If your photos/images are chosen, they will be posted on the website or published in the City's cycling information material. If your submission is used publicly, we will credit you as the creator of the images. For more information, please see Guidelines for Hamilton Cycling photo/image submissions.

For further information regarding the Bike Program please contact Daryl Bender by email or at 905-546-2424 x.2066