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Returning Summer Student Employment Opportunities - 2015

This category is for returning summer students only.  If you did not hold a summer student position in 2014, please return to the  Summer Student Employment Opportunities - 2015 information page and click on the appropriate category in which you would like to obtain information on.

*Note 1: As some of the positions within this category requires you to drive City vehicles, you must have a current Class G licence, free of demerit points. Students holding a Class G1 or Class G2 will not be permitted to drive City vehicles.  ** If you possess a driver's licence, please make notation of the class of your driver's licence on your resume.**

A returning summer student is a student who has held a summer student position in 2014 and has received a favourable re-hire status on their 2014 end of season performance evaluation. This information will be verified at time of consideration.

We encourage you to complete the application process early (complete ALL questions and submit your resume), as we will begin to  review returning students as early as January 5th, 2015.

Upon successful submission of your completed questionnaire (ALL questions MUST be answered) and resume submitted, and after the closing date of January 30th, 2015, you will receive an e-mail containing the following information:

  • Confirmation that your position is available for the 2015 summer season
  • A written conditional offer of summer employment and a consent form relating to the driver's licence requirements
  • Documentation required to be printed and completed by you, confirming your acceptance of summer employment and remitted to the designated City staff point of contact
  • The name of the City staff point of contact and fax number for remittance of your letter of acceptance
  • Response deadline

As transfer requests are not accepted for summer student positions, we ask that if you are interested in applying to another summer student position offered within another category, you will need to apply to the category that interests you and complete the questionnaire in full and submit the required documentation.

All offers are made conditionally and will only be confirmed once the conditional offer letter of employment is signed and returned, along with all the required documentation. Failure to return the signed conditional offer letter of employment and all required documentation to the City contact via fax by the date indicated in the e-mail will indicate to the hiring manager that you are NOT accepting the position that has been offered. We will, at that time, proceed to offer the position to the next available candidate.

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