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Injury Prevention - Be Safe at Every Age

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Child Safety - Rear facing car seat Child Safety - Forward facing Car SeatChild Safety - Booster car seat


Parents and caregivers often believe that injuries are a part of growing up. Scrapes and bruises happen when children play, but serious injuries can be prevented.We can keep our children safe by understanding their abilities and risks.

Parents and caregivers can take action:

Be aware. Know what to expect at each age.
Be ready. Keep a step ahead. Prepare for the next stage.
Be the example. Practice good safety habits. Your child learns by watching you. 
Be responsible. Remove hazards. Set limits. Establish boundaries.
Be there. Always supervise. Safety devices cannot replace your watchful eyes.

Explore your children’s ages and stages to learn how to protect them from birth through the teen years.  


Last updated: May 10, 2013