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 Tobacco-Free Living - Smoke-Free Ontario Act

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act requires all enclosed public places and workplaces, and school property in Ontario to be smoke-free by May 31, 2006.  It requires all bar and restaurant patios to be smoke-free.  It also sets out new rules for places that sell tobacco.  It is against the law to buy, sell or give a person under 19 any tobacco products, and  stores are not allowed to display tobacco products in public view.  
No-Smoking signs are available at the following locations:

Hamilton Municipal Service Centres
Public Health Services - 1447 Upper Ottawa Street

General Information

Smoke-Free Ontario Act (E-Laws - Government of Ontario )
Ontario Regulations 48/06 (E-Laws - Government of Ontario )

Information for Proprietors of Public Places and Workplaces

Bars and Restaurants (pdf)
Bar and Restaurant Patios
Condos, Apartments, College and University Residences (pdf)
Day Cares and Private Day Cares (pdf)
Employers (pdf)
Enclosed Public Places (pdf)
Residential Care Facilities (pdf)
Hospitals (pdf)
Hotels, Motels and Inns (pdf)
Home Health Care Workers (pdf)
Aboriginal Peoples (pdf)
No-Smoking Sign (pdf)

Information for Retailers and Tobacconists 
Retailer (pdf)
Tobacconist (pdf)

Information for Schools
Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) protocol

Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB) protocol
Schools Fact Sheet

Controlled Smoking Areas
Controlled Smoking Area Sign (pdf)

Smoking in Vehicles

Any person - driver or passenger - in a vehicle (car, truck, van ) is not permitteed to smoke while someone else under the age of 16 is in the vehicle with them.  This includes moving or stationary vehicles.  Fines can be given up to $250 for offenders.

Contact Information

For information and free resources or to report a complaint about the Smoke-Free Ontario Act or Smoking By-law:

Phone Hamilton Tobacco Hotline   
(905) 540-5566

Last updated: April 15, 2009