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Looking for Housing

Support Programs

Programs for Low-Income Households

  • Ontario Renovates Program for Homeowners
    The Ontario Renovates Program for Homeowners offers financial assistance to low-income households who own and occupy substandard housing to enable them to repair their dwellings to a minimum level of health and safety. This program replaces the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) - Mandatory Repair Assistance.
  • Rent Bank Program
    Tenants facing eviction for non-payment of rent can apply to receive financial assistance from the provincial rent bank program. If a tenant's application is approved, the outstanding rent is paid directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.   For more information or to apply for assistance contact:
    Housing Help Center, 119 Main St. E - 905-526-8100 or visit

Newcomers to Hamilton

Housing Providers and Landlords

  • Rent Supplement Program for Landlords Who House Low Income Households
  • Guidelines and Bulletins for Housing Providers
    The requirements, recommendations and guidelines for housing providers administered under the legislated programs/operating agreement.
  • Links for Housing Providers
  • Eviction Prevention Best Practices Toolkit
    In Hamilton, we have 43 social housing providers who are responsible for 14,400 social housing units, most of which are RGI subsidized units. The Eviction Prevention Best Practices Toolkit gives social housing providers practical information to help tenants remain housed. It includes best practices for communication, rent repayment and training strategies. It also includes 5 tools that social housing providers can use in their everyday interactions with tenants. The Toolkit can be used to develop new policies or improve existing practices.

The Toolkit was developed over 18 months through the efforts of an Eviction Prevention Consultation Work Group. Members of the work group were from social housing providers, advocates, community agencies, legal clinic and the City of Hamilton.

Nearly 60 people attended the official launch of the Toolkit on March 4, 2014. Initial feedback has been excellent! Our intention is to have 100% of social housing providers adopt the best practices by December 2014. Further, we plan to administer a survey in early 2015 to measure its success and to see if there are additional tools to add.

Programs for Tenants of CityHousing Hamilton

Developers and Stakeholders of Affordable Housing

Funding Programs for Homelessness Service Providers

  • The Homelessness Partnership Strategy (HPS)
    HPS is part of the Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy. The City of Hamilton is responsible for administration of the program which is intended “to prevent and reduce homelessness by helping to establish the structures and supports needed to move homeless and at-risk individuals towards self-sufficiency and full participation in Canadian society” and is one of four HPS initiatives described as a “housing-first” approach with an emphasis on supportive and transitional housing.
  • Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative
    The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative is a provincial initiative that funds programs to prevent homelessness and provide outreach to people are experiencing homelessness.

Social Housing Applicant and Tenant Reviews

The Social Housing Review Panel provides an independent review of certain decisions made by a Social Housing Providers or Access to Housing in the Hamilton area. Reviews are completed by members of the Social Housing Review Panel, including housing providers, tenant advocates and city staff representatives. No one who participated in the original decision may participate in the review as a member of the Review Panel.

Applicants and tenants of Social Housing may request a Review for the following decisions:

  • Eligibility for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) assistance,
  • Amount of Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing charge/rent payable,
  • The type of accommodation in which the household may be housed (e.g. size of unit, mandate of building).
  • The category in which an applicant has been placed on the waiting list.
  • Eligibility for special needs housing.

In Hamilton, the Social Housing review process is completed in two steps: ***

  • Step 1 If you disagree with any of the above decisions made by your Housing Provider (landlord) you must first request an Internal Review with their office before you can request a review by the Social Housing Review Panel.
  • Step 2 If after the Internal Review is completed, you still do not agree with your housing provider’s (landlord) decision, you can then request a review by the Social Housing Review Panel.
  • ***If you disagree with a decision made by Access to Housing about your wait list application, you can send your request directly to the City of Hamilton - Housing Services Division.

Click here for a Social Housing Review Panel Request for Review Form

Submit your completed form and supporting documents by fax to (905) 546-3271 or by mail to:

Housing Services Division – City of Hamilton
350 King St E, Suite 110
Hamilton, ON L8N 3Y3
Attention: Manger of Social Housing

Within 10 days of receiving the forms, our office will schedule a Social Housing Review Panel meeting and notify you by mail of the date and details of the meeting. 

Housing Research and Planning

2014 Call for Applications (CFA) - Housing First & Homelessness Prevention - Application Deadline was September 15, 2014.

For more information about the Call for Applications and how it will be evaluated, please click on the links below:

Housing & Homelessness Research and Planning

Housing First Overview (PDF)
Provides a comprehensive overview of Housing First and explores the elements that are necessary for effective local implementation adhering to the guidelines and expectations communicated by the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS). This presentation also outlines the Housing First Fidelity Scale, presents local Performance Targets, and shares additional links to resources.

Housing First Overview Question and Answer Summary (PDF)
A summary of questions and responses discussed at the May 7th Housing First Information Session hosted by the City of Hamilton, Homelessness Programs (Housing Services Division) at McMaster Innovation Park. This is a particularly useful resource for local proponents of the 2014 Housing First and Homelessness Prevention Call for Applications.

Homelessness Prevention Overview (PDF)
This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of expectations on homelessness prevention in the City of Hamilton.

Homelessness Prevention Overview Question and Answer Summary (PDF)
A summary of questions and responses discussed at the June 18th Homelessness Prevention Information Session hosted by the City of Hamilton, Homelessness Programs (Housing Services Division) at Dundurn Castle - Coach House. This is a particularly useful resource for local proponents of the 2014 Housing First and Homelessness Prevention Call for Applications.

Homelessness Prevention Research Brief (PDF)
A summary of the research completed on homelessness prevention as part of Phase 3 of the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative Review.

2013 Day Services Evaluation - Final Report (PDF)
The City of Hamilton's Housing Services Division has completed an evaluation of day services for people in Hamilton who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This is the Final Report.

Housing & Homelessness Action Plan
The City of Hamilton in partnership with a multi-stakeholder Planning Group and the Affordable Housing Flagship will be developing a 10-year person-centred action plan for Hamilton that will identify priorities and strategies to address housing and homelessness in Hamilton.

Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative Review: Emergency Shelters and Domiciliary Hostels Programs - A Summary of the Full Analysis Report (PDF)
The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative Review Report includes analysis and recommendations for the two main service areas: Emergency Shelters and Domiciliary Hostels. The results of the analysis sets the foundation for additional work particularly on the emerging planning for homelessness prevention.

The Housing Needs of Newcomers in Hamilton (PDF)
The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) has compiled available data from various social housing providers, service agencies, and community consultations. This report provides a synopsis of the information gathered.

On Any Given Night: Measuring Homelessness in Hamilton
These indicators reports note key factors impacting homelessness in Hamilton. Local information on factors contributing to homelessness, a demographic profile of people experiencing homelessness and some service utilization statistics are included.

System Change: Service User Perspectives On the Homelessness Service System (pdf)

This report summarizes service user feedback to be included as part of two key planning initiatives: The Blueprint for Emergency Shelter Services and The Consolidated Homelessness and Prevention Program (CHPP) Review.

Contact Information

Housing Services
350 King Street East,
Unit 110 (First Place)
Hamilton, ON L8N 3Y3  (map)