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With a strategic priority of creating a city where people come first, Hamilton City Council has made a commitment to communicate clearly and effectively with the public. To provide a municipal government which is open and accessible, the City of Hamilton offers full information about our civic administration, city services, their costs, and how well they meet performance targets.

Clear and on-going communication with residents is a top priority for the City of Hamilton. As part of this process, we issue news releases to the local media with important information on City programs, services and other initiatives. You will find news releases posted here from the moment they’re made available to journalists. If you’ve read or heard a story concerning the City of Hamilton, and you’d like more information, be sure to visit this Web page. News releases are archived for future reference.

Reporters: we invite you to use our "Media Contacts" page. It's updated regularly and is a handy reference tool for finding information and accessing the best spokesperson.

This page also provides links to the latest events and programs taking place in our city. Just click on Current News. Whether it's the Royal Bank Aquafest, Fire Prevention Week or the World Cycling Championships, we provide you with the latest information on all City-sponsored activities.

At Your Service is a listing of municipal advertising, tender notices, announcements and public service messages. It appears weekly in the Hamilton Spectator and here on our Web site. If you’d like to bid on a City contract or simply want to stay informed on events and issues in our community, your best source for municipal information is At Your Service.