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In addition to being able to attend either Information Forum in person, or listening live on the City's website through our live-streaming or watching on Cable 14 or Cogeco 23, the City is also taking an unprecedented step of enabling you to listen and ask questions or give comments live over your phone using "Virtual Town Hall" technology. This will extend the participating audience from hundreds of residents to thousands of residents.

There are two forms of virtual technology that we will be using. The first involves a randomized process where home numbers will be selected randomly and weighted by ward population in order to ensure equal representation amongst Hamilton’s 15 Wards and called, at that point residents will be asked if they would like to participate as part of the virtual forum and listen in. Those who want to participate and listen in can do so for a few minutes or for the entire length of the Forums, those who chose not to, do not need to stay on the line.

The Virtual Information Forum will occur at the same time as the live Information Forum at City Hall on Thursday, January 17 at 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

The other method which ensures you will be able to participate in this Virtual Public Information Forum is by registering using the form below.

Register for the Virtual Information Forum

If you are interested in joining the Virtual Information Forum, we have answers to some common questions below:

Q. Why do I need to register?
A. You need to register so that we can call you on January 17 as the Virtual Town Hall is starting at 6:30 p.m. Registration is quick and simple, just fill out the form.

Q. How does the Virtual Information Forum work?
A. In order to receive a phone call to listen in and ask questions or give comments during this important community forum please complete the form below. Several minutes before the public forum begins, you will receive a call to the telephone number you provide. If you miss the call, we will try calling you back a few minutes later. Once the meeting starts you can listen and ask questions by pressing 3 on your phone's keypad.

Q. Will it cost me money to participate?
A. No, the event is free to participate in. If you receive the call on a cell phone, charges may apply depending on your plan and pricing.

Q. Can I get the call on my cell/mobile phone?
A. Yes. If you register with your cell phone, you will still receive the call. Please note that there may be fees for accepting a call on a cell or mobile phone depending on your plan and pricing.