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Neighbourhood Development Strategy

Building Momentum Hamilton

Celebrate Hamilton’s neighbourhoods as they come alive through cuisine, entertainment, sports, history, achievements and future projects.

In support of the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, you are invited to attend the 2nd Building Momentum Hamilton event.

Thursday May 21st, 2015 
3:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Tim Hortons Field (64 Melrose Avenue North)

Hosted by the City of Hamilton and Sherman Hub, open to all residents of the City of Hamilton.

Ticket and sponsorship details to follow.
Looking forward to seeing you there!


The City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Development Strategy is focused on helping neighbourhoods to be great places to live, work, play and learn. To do that, the City of Hamilton is working with community partners, neighbourhood groups and residents to develop action plans to build healthier communities. The core elements of this work are:

  1. Enhancing Community Development Work
    Through a partnership with the Hamilton Community Foundation and Hamilton Best Start, five community development workers will work together to support residents in 11 Hamilton neighbourhoods.
  2. Developing Resident-led Neighbourhood Plans
    The City of Hamilton will facilitate neighbourhood planning processes that focus on where residents and key stakeholders feel action is necessary. Staff from across various departments of the City of Hamilton will help residents build effective solutions.
  3. Increasing Investments in Neighbourhoods
    Once neighbourhood plans are developed, new investments will be required to address the improvement that residents have  identified. Hamilton City Council has earmarked $2 million in neighbourhood funding to help leverage additional investments from private, public and philanthropic sources.
  4. Building New Partnerships to Support Healthy Neighbourhoods
    Working with businesses, Provincial and Federal governments and non-profit organizations, work will begin to better align existing resources and find new investments that can support neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Action Planning

City staff, residents and other key stakeholders are working together to create neighbourhood action plans that communicate a clear vision for the future of the neighbourhood and describe specific projects that can be implemented, are achievable, and have widespread community support. These plans are being developed in 6 neighbourhoods identified by Council as priority areas, as well as 5 other areas that have been supported in the past by the Hamilton Community Foundation's neighbourhood investments.

View the Neighbourhood Profiles report for more information about these neighbourhoods.

Community Development Workers

As an on-going support to residents, businesses and organizations in neighbourhoods, community development workers help connect people to their neighbourhood and help neighbourhoods plan for their future development. Our current team of community development workers are:

Everyone Can Get Involved In Building Great Neighbourhoods!
The City of Hamilton is encouraging all residents to work together and build great neighbourhoods. The Neighbourhood Development Office is here to help all neighbourhoods and residents with the following resources:

  • Tools to help with neighbourhood action planning
  • Advice on neighbourhood action planning and engagement
  • Connections to other neighbourhoods working on similar issues
  • How you can help neighbourhoods implement their plans
  • Assistance in connecting with the appropriate City departments/staff

Council & Committee Reports