Light Rail Transit (LRT)

As part of Metrolinx’s Moving Ontario Forward plan, the Ontario government is investing up to $1.2 billion and will cover 100% of the capital costs of building the LRT in Hamilton.

Eventually, the LRT will run from McMaster University to the Queenston Traffic Circle and include:

  • spur line that links King Street to the Waterfront
  • pedestrian walkway from King Street to the Hunter Street GO station
  • new GO station at Highway 20
  • garage facility

Enhanced transit and the LRT will help drive economic growth, reduce travel and connection times and improve quality of life in our community.

This $1.2 billion transformational project includes LRT and GO rail service.

The LRT Project

The LRT project will include:

  • LRT on the B-Line (the Main-King to Queenston corridor) following:
    • Main Street West from McMaster University to Highway 403
    • King Street from the 403 to the Delta
    • Main Street East from the Delta to the Queenston traffic circle
  • A future phase of LRT on Queenston Road from the traffic circle to Eastgate Mall.
  • LRT on a portion of the A-Line (James/Upper James corridor) from the B-Line to the waterfront, providing a direct connection to the West Harbour GO Station. (Specific routing to be determined.)
  • A high-order pedestrian connection from the B-Line to the Hamilton Centre GO Station.

Procurement for the LRT will start in 2017, with construction starting in 2019. 

GO Rail service

This project will include:

  • The extension of GO rail service on the Lakeshore West line from the West Harbour GO Station at James Street North to a new GO station at Centennial Parkway.

Construction of the Centennial Parkway GO station is expected to begin in 2017, with completion in 2019. 


Proposed Hamilton LRT Line

Metrolinx Proposed Hamilton LRT Line Map

Citizens' Jury

We have recruited a group of citizens for a Citizens’ Jury that reflect the diversity of our community. Using input from stakeholders like the public, the Jury will provide advice to Hamilton City Council about the implementation of LRT.

Contact us

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Communications Officer - LRT
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2351