HSR Bus Schedules & Fares

Fall Bus News
August 26, 2015 - 4:39pm

Get the latest news on fall schedule changes, Ti-Cat Ticket to Ride, photo IDs and the new fare structure effective September 1, 2015.

HSR Fall Schedule changes are effective September 6, 2015

  • HSR schedule changes

New route & schedule changes

Extension of Route 21 -  UPPER KENILWORTH
With the roadway improvements completed in the Mud Street and Pritchard Road area, we can now extend this route into the Heritage Greene Plaza. This route will operate via Mountain Brow Blvd., Mud St., Pritchard Rd., Stone Church Rd., Winterberry Dr., Artfrank St., and Upper Mount Albion Rd. The recovery point will be at the bus bay on the west side of Upper Mount Albion Rd. just north of Stone Church.

This route will no longer be interlined with Route 33 - SANATORIUM. This route will now service the inside of Mohawk College campus in both directions.

New routing of Route 18 - WATERDOWN
A new two direction routing (clockwise and counter-clockwise) will be implemented. The routing will service the residential areas along Hollybush Dr. and Spring Creek Dr. as well as commercial areas along Clappison Ave. and Horseshoe Cres. 

Additional Weekday service has been added along with Saturday service, which will operate from approximately 8 am to 8 pm.

HSR's Ticket to Ride Program

The Hamilton Street Railway in partnership with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is offering a program for the 2015 home season games. This will allow loyal Tiger-Cats fans to board HSR and DARTS vehicles free of charge with a valid game ticket on game days.

New McMaster HSR fare cards

New for September 2015!
McMaster University students must now present both their valid McMaster Student ID card plus the new HSR Transit Pass with matching Student ID # as issued by the school.

Photo IDs

Secondary school students must show valid Student Photo ID when using HSR Elementary/ Secondary Tickets, Monthly Passes or PRESTO Cards.

Children in elementary school grades 6, 7 and 8 are not required to carry HSR Photo ID. However, mature looking elementary students are encouraged to obtain an HSR Photo ID card.

HSR Photo ID cards are available during your school’s photo session at the beginning of the school year.

If you missed your school’s photo session or have lost your Photo ID, visit the HSR Customer Service Centre with a signed application form you can obtain from your School office. We are open Monday to Friday, excluding holidays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. A nominal fee is charged for the Photo ID.

New HSR fleet 60' buses

The following routes will utilize the new 60' articulated buses during most time periods:

  • Route 10 - B Line Express
  • Route 20 - A Line Express
  • Route 27 - Upper James
  • Route 35 - College
  • Route 51 - University

HSR Transfer policy

You can get a free printed transfer if you have to take more than one bus to complete your trip. Just ask the HSR Operator, when you pay your fare, for a transfer.

A printed transfer will be issued to you. If you have a PRESTO card, Monthly Pass, University/College Pass or Annual Pass you do not need a printed transfer. The PRESTO card will write a transfer to the card when tapped on the device inside the bus.


Trans-Cab is available to our customers as an ‘extension’ to some of our bus routes in designated areas.

Trans-Cab is not intended to replace existing HSR bus routes. You must travel on an HSR bus, for at least one bus stop, before transferring to Trans-Cab.

Fare increase & service improvements

New fare structure effective September 1, 2015

Cash (Adult, Student, Senior) - $2.75
Adult Paper Ticket or PRESTO - $2.15
Monthly Pass or PRESTO - $94.60 

Student - Elementary/ Secondary
Person between the ages of 5 and 19 who attends an elementary or secondary school in the City of Hamilton. All secondary students must present their HSR photo ID when using a student fare.
Paper Ticket or PRESTO - $1.80
Monthly Pass or PRESTO - $79.20

Senior - Persons age 65+, PRESTO Only
PRESTO Single Ride - $1.80
PRESTO Monthly Pass - $23.50
PRESTO Senior Annual Pass - $235.00

Day Pass
Unlimited travel on all regularly scheduled routes for a maximum of two adults and four youth/ children for that day for $12.90

Transcab Program
A $0.50 Transcab premium is charged in addition to the HSR fare.

Exchange of old tickets

Current early series 2015 HSR tickets can be used with an additional $0.15 between September 1st and September 30th, 2015.
Any unused tickets may be exchanged at the HSR Customer Service Centre (Hunter Street GO Centre) with an additional $0.15 per ticket.

Authorized HSR ticket & pass vendors

To ensure that you are charged the correct price, buy your HSR tickets and passes from authorized vendors.
If you have any questions, please call our HSR Information Line at 905-527-4441.

Customer Service Centre

Our Customer Service Centre is located at 36 Hunter Street East (Hamilton GO Centre) and is open on Weekdays (excluding statutory holidays) from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We accept Cash as well as Direct Debit, MasterCard, and Visa for all purchases over $5 at our location.

We do not sell paper tickets or paper monthly passes but, we do:

  • sell and load PRESTO cards,
  • sell Day Passes, Senior Monthly and Annual Passes,
  • issue Golden Age Passes and photo ID,
  • provide HSR information
  • manage our Lost & Found section

If you have lost an item, please call us at 905-546- 2424 ext. 1882 to see if the item has been turned in and brought to this location.

10 Year Local Transit Strategy

The City of Hamilton’s 10 Year Local Transit Strategy, approved by Council on March 11, 2015, builds upon Rapid Ready, and provides short term actions for City Council to continue developing Hamilton’s transit network.
This strategy addresses:

  • Current system deficiencies
  • Updated service standards and the alignment of service to meet them
  • The accommodation of future growth
  • Increases in ridership through the introduction of additional bus service on the proposed rapid transit corridors
  • Improvements to the customer experience
  • Methods to help transit run faster and more reliable, known as transit priority measures
  • Funding sustainability including a multi-year fare strategy