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Summary of Gaming Control Act

What is the Gaming Control Act and who does it affect?
The Gaming Control Act is an act to regulate the individuals and businesses who supply goods, services and equipment to charitable and religious organizations that have been licensed to conduct lottery schemes. The Act provides for:
  • Registration of businesses and individuals as suppliers (i.e. all bingo halls where more than one event is conducted per week, manufacturers of break open tickets and bingo paper etc.) and gaming assistants
  • The types of gaming premises, services and equipment that can be provided
  • The regulation of registrants

The Regulations under the Act describe the manner in which things are to be done including:
  • Exempting persons or classes of persons from registration
  • Defining classes or types of registrants
  • Fees payable

Where can I get a copy of the Gaming Control Act and the Regulations?
The Act and Regulations are available from the Province of Ontario’s website.

The above information provides an outline of policies and procedures and is intended only as a general information document. For regulatory requirements please refer to the Gaming Control Act, 1992, the Regulations under the Act, the Terms and Conditions of licences issued and the City of Hamilton Lottery Licensing By-law 04-134.

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