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On-Street Parking

The City of Hamilton offers different permits for two permit parking programs to assist residents with their parking needs and helps ease the shortage of parking in residential neighbourhoods. There are 92 residential permit areas in Hamilton and approximately 1,500 residential parking permit holders. To receive these privileges, residents must live in an area that allows permit parking. These programs are Permit Parking and Time Limit Parking.

Criteria applying to Permit Parking and Time Limit Parking:

  • Reserved permit parking and time limit parking can be implemented on streets, or parts of streets, when a majority of residents through a petition, request the regulation and pending City Council’s approval of a by-law.
  • The yearly fee effective January 1, 2015 is $80.53 plus HST per permit (rate subject to change).
  • Vehicle ownership must reflect the resident's current address for which the parking regulation applies and must be shown before a permit may be issued.
  • Permits must be renewed prior to January 1st of each year.
  • Permits will be issued to residents of property immediately abutting the street within the Permit Parking regulation in a one, two or three family dwelling or in a designated area for Time Limit Parking.
  • The universal 12-hour parking time limit for all City streets applies to permit holders.
  • Permits are also available for residents who are confined to their homes and require essential services. These permits allow health care service workers to park their vehicles for up to two hours within the permit parking area.
  • Permits are issued only to passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles registered with the Ministry of Transportation as "Personal use only".
  • Permits are not issued to commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, trailers, vehicles exceeding 6.4m (21’) in length, etc.
  • Permits do not provide an exemption to the No Parking Through Street, 2:00 am to 7:00 am parking regulation. Map of affected streets.

Permit Parking

The Permit Parking program assists residents of a specific street with their parking needs by prohibiting parking by all motorists, except abutting residents who have purchased the necessary parking permits. These streets are identified by the sign shown.

In addition to the criteria described above, visitor parking is not allowed in permit parking areas, but loading and unloading may occur.

Time Limit Parking

The Time Limit Parking program allows residents to obtain permits to exempt their vehicles from signed parking time limit regulations within a designated area, that apply to other motorists.

In addition to the criteria described above, time limit parking can be in effect on a full or part-time basis depending on the wishes of the majority of the abutting residents. Visitor parking is allowed for the duration of the signed time limit. The City is divided into areas for the purpose of issuing permits. Permit holders are exempt from any signed parking time limit on any local residential street only within the specified area in which they live.  The permit does not entitle permit holders to park their verhicle on arterial streets and does not guarantee that a parking spot will be available at the permit holders preferred location.


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