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Battlefield Park

Battlefield Park

The 200th year anniversary of the Battle of Stoney Creek, will be taking place in 2013 in Battlefield Park. The anniversary presents a unique opportunity for new cultural tourism activities based on a heritage route linking key figures and locations associated with the War of 1812 throughout Southern Ontario. Battlefield Park will be a key component of the route.

Battlefield Park will play host to a number of historically related events celebrating this significant turning point in the North American theatre of the War of 1812. The importance of the Battle of Stoney Creek has been recognized with a National Heritage Designation by the Canadian Government. It is timely then for the City of Hamiltons Public Works Department to undertake a Master Plan Review of the buildings, programming and site at Battlefield Park in anticipation of 2013.

This Master Plan Review will address the goals of earlier plans and provide detailed planning for new facilities and a phased implementation strategy with associated costs and revenue opportunities.

While past plans and developments addressed the restoration of portions of the site to specific eras, the Battlefield Park Master Plan Review will focus on the conservation, interpretation and presentation of all the elements of Battlefield Park and its significant historic layers.


In accordance with the Battlefield Park Master Plan (January 2011), Landscape Architectural Services is pleased to announce that a new site identification feature will be constructed this fall at the northwest corner of Battlefield Park (intersection of King St. West and Centennial Parkway North).

The installation is timely as the City begins preparations for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Stoney Creek (June 6, 2013). (Please refer to the following link).

A steering committee consisting of staff from Culture and Public Works met several times throughout the year and made final recommendations on the design layout and material selection for the site identification feature. Ward 9 Councillor Brad Clark has given full support to the steering committee's decision of the final design.

The site identification feature is 2.2m in height x 11.5m in length (7.25ft. X 37.5ft.) and will be constructed of natural stone veneers, granite sign face and limestone coping, materials which are similar in appearance to the Battlefield Monument on Monument Hill. The area surrounding the new feature will have planting beds with an irrigation system, and concrete and granular pathway connections. The front façade will have in-ground lighting for lighting of this feature at night.

Click on the links below to view the Park Identification Feature:

The Master Plan has now been completed after undergoing the public process.

Click on the link below to view or download the Master Plan:

  • Battlefield Park National Historic Site Master Plan


    A Public Information Centre was held on May 5, 2009 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Nash Jackson House, Battlefield Park

    Click on the links below to view or download material presented at the meeting:

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