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Johnson Tew Park

Project Update

Since June 2011, the site has undergone Stage 1 and Stage 2 archaeological assessment and arifacts were found and the consultant is proposing Stage 3 archaeological assessment which will commence January 2013. The purpose of the Stage 3 assessment is to more fully identify the character, extent and significance of the site. This involves digging of pits in 5m and 10m grid intervals and 5cm deep into sterile subsoil. In other words, this is a site with active archaeological assessment field work.

In the Stage 1 and 2 report submitted this month (December 2012) to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports (MTCS), it said 'No grading or other activities that may result in the destruction or disturbance of any of the archaeological site documented by this assessment are permitted until notice of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports acceptance has been received.'

Please refrain from using the site while archaeological assessment work is still active. Additional ploughing work will take place first before commencing the Stage 3 field work.

As for the timing, the Stage 3 field work will take two months, and another two months to do the report writing and then submission to the MTCS for review.

Parallel with the archaeological assessment, we plan to start design coming spring 2013 and tendering the construction work thereafter pending comments from MTSC.


Materials from June 13, 2011 public information centre

The panels tell you the development process that has happened to the Johnson Tew Park since 1998 to today and the promotion of Health and Nature and the Benefits of Walking in a parkland. Two Options were presented. Option 1 shows a community park (with a playground and shelter) and a trail system, accompanied by a panel with precedent images of play equipment and trail walking. Option 2 shows the same playground nestled in an Arboretum, with more trees planted in clumps for seasonal colour, for shade and breeze, and for health. There is a Native Tree list panel and another Ornamental Tree list panel. A panel of precedent images on what an arboretum looks like and how salvaged wood can be made into site furniture. And the last panel is on the Benefits of Trees in an Arboretum.


Joseph Yu
Project Manager
Phone: 905-546-2424 extension 1303