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GRIDS Intergrated Infrastructure Master Plans

Planning for Smart Growth Over the Next 30 Years

Welcome to the City of Hamilton's web site for the GRIDS Integrated Infrastructure Master Plans.  GRIDS, the Growth Related Integrated Development Strategy, is a planning process that helps to determine where the future growth of the City will take place over the next 30 or more years. This unique planning tool integrates land use, transportation, water, waste water and stormwater planning into one project.

GRIDS is an integrated planning process that uses the model of sustainability to draw together land use planning and infrastructure investment planning (water, wastewater, stormwater and transportation) within a framework that considers social/cultural, environmental and economic implications of growth and development decisions. GRIDS brings together into one process, all of the activities related to development. This enables a more coordinated, time efficient and cost efficient investment process for the public and private sectors. Hamilton City Council adopted the GRIDS study design on February 12, 2003.


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  • On November 20, 2006, the City of Hamilton hosted a Pedestrian Workshop.  Mr. Dan Burden was the keynote speaker at the workshop, and the workshop was organized to identify potential community improvement projects and initiatives, and to outline the next steps in achieving a more walkable City. A record of the proceedings was prepared by Urban Strategies Inc. and can be found here.
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