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Waterfront Advisory Group

Waterfront Advisory Group

The City of Hamilton is committed to involving their citizens in projects and processes that contribute to and enhance their quality of life. Forming a Waterfront Advisory Group (WAG) will provide a forum where key stakeholders can be involved early and throughout the decision-making process. Other interested and affected residents will also be invited to provide feedback at key times during the study at public forums and via the city website.


The purpose/mandate for the WAG is to create a forum for key stakeholders and the City of Hamilton to discuss waterfront recreation opportunities and identify issues and to explore solutions that are right for the West Harbour community and the City. To further this mandate, participants are asked to:

  • Represent the views of their constituencies as best as they can;
  • Assist the City to understand their goals and issues through participation in a process of open dialogue and submissions.

The WAG will provide advice to the project study team on all aspects of the study.


Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting No. 5

Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting No. 4

Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting No. 3

Waterfront Advisory Group Meeting No. 2