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Parks List - M to R

To book an event in a park, please call the
Culture and Recreation Department at (905) 540-5590.

Macassa Park

701 Upper Sherman Avenue.
Macassa Park is a large sports park with several soccer fields, an accessible creative play structure, swings, spray pad, multi-purpose court, walkways, and fieldhouse building.

Mahony Park

1655 Barton Street East.
Mahony Park is a large park with hardball and softball diamonds, a play area with a small creative climber and spring toys.

Mansfield Park

141 Mansfield Drive, Ancaster.
Mansfield Park is a small neighbourhood park with some trees.

Mapledene Park

32 President Drive, Stoney Creek.
Mapledene Park has a public bocce court, play equipment, and a walkway.

Maple Lane Park

157 Miller Drive, Ancaster.
Maple Lane Park is a neighbourhood park with play equipment, two new play structures, spring toys, swings, walkways, and a pedestrian bridge leading to a natural area.

Maplewood Park

155 First Road West by Second Road West, Stoney Creek.
Maplewood Park has a soccer field, softball fields, play equipment and a newly paved walkway.  Parking is available.

Mark Anthony Graham Memorial Olympic Park

948 Mohawk Road West.
Mark Anthony Graham Memorial Olympic Park is primarily a sports park, with fields for football, soccer, and baseball.  This park is named after former Hamilton resident and Olympic champion, Private Mark Anthony Graham.

Margaret Street Park

9 Margaret Street, Waterdown.
Margaret Street Park is a neighbourhood park with a play area that includes an independent slide, climbers, spring toys, and swings.

Martino Memorial Park

147 King Street East, Dundas.
Martino Memorial Park is a sports park, home of Dundas Little League Baseball, Volunteer field, two softball fields, park shelters, shrub beds, and a natural area. Parking and washrooms available.

Matt Broman Park

645 Mountain Brow Blvd.
Matt Broman Park is a lookout on the east side of the escarpment.  It overlooks King's Forest Park, Rosedale Park, and King's Forest Golf Course.

McLaren Park

160 John Street North.
McLaren Park is a small playground with multi-purpose courts, play equipment, and a spray pad.

Meadowbrook Park

365 Wilson Street West, Ancaster.
Meadowbrook Park is a quiet, neighbourhood park with two creative play structures, spring toys, swings, trees and a walkway.

Meadowlands Park

160 Meadowlands Blvd., Ancaster
Meadowlands Park is a Community Park with a tennis court, baseball diamond, soccer fields, a multi-purpose court with basketball nets, and a pathway.  There is an accessible play area dedicated to Travis Carter that includes an accessible play structure and swings. Onsite parking is available.

Memorial Park

87 Glen Cannon Drive, Stoney Creek.
Memorial Park has public bocce courts (memberships are available through the association), tennis courts, play equipment, trees, benches, and a walkway. Parking is available.

Meadowlands Soccer Pitch

933 Golf Links Road, Ancaster.
Meadowlands Soccer Pitch has a soccer field, some trees, and a natural area.

Millgrove Community Park

855 Millgrove Side Road, Millgrove.
This park is home to the Wentworth Library and the Millgrove Community Centre. The park has softball diamonds, a sheltered picnic area with picnic tables, play equipment, walkways, benches, and trees. Parking and washrooms are available.

Mohawk Gardens

1 Indian Crescent, east of Upper Wentworth Street.
Mohawk Gardens is a small piece of open space surrounded by houses and apartment buildings.

Mohawk Meadows

645 Iroquois Avenue, Ancaster.
Mohawk Meadows Park has play equipment, benches, and a walkway.

Mohawk Sports Park

1100 Mohawk Road East.
Mohawk Sports Park is a large park with baseball diamonds, soccer and football fields, a running track, and a playground with a play structure, swings, and spring toys.  The east side is a large natural area.  A portion of the Escarpment Rail Trail runs through the park.

Montgomery Park

1570 Main Street East.
Montgomery Park is a large neighbourhood park with two playgrounds, a spray pad, shelter, washroom facility, two multi-purpose courts with basketball backboards and hoops, and ball diamonds.

Morton Park

50 Larraine Avenue, Dundas.
Morton Park has a natural area and a play area that includes an independent slide, a climber, spring toy, and swings.

Mount Hope Park

3027 Homestead Road, Glanbrook.
Mount Hope Park is home to the Mount Hope Library and a Youth Centre. A public tennis court and a baseball diamond are also in the park, along with a play structure, swings, and spring toys.  Parking is available. 

Mountain Brow West Park

282 Mountain Park Avenue.
Mountain Brow West Park runs along the brow of the escarpment on Mountain Park Avenue from Upper Wentworth to Upper Sherman. There are two lookout areas, one on either side of the Wentworth Street Stairs. The property has historical significance as the former site of the East End Incline Railway and the Summers Theatre.

Mountain Drive Park

935 Concession Street.
Mountain Drive Park has play equipment, benches, a shelter, parking lots, and walkways. The park offers an excellent view of the lower city.

Mount Lions' Club Park

450 Queen Victoria Drive.
Mount Lions' Club Park has two levels, separated by a ridge of rock and a woodlot. The area to the south (the upper level) has a soccer field; the lower level slopes to the east and has a ball diamond, play structure, and spray pad. The park is adjacent to C. B. Stirling Public School.

Mountsberg Hall

2133 Centre Road, Carlisle.
Centre Road runs through this park, splitting it into Mountsberg Hall Park and Mountsberg Park.  On site is a community hall, baseball diamonds, swings, a small creative play structure, a spring toy, trees, parking, and two monuments.

Mountview Park

115 San Antonio Drive.
Mountview Park is a neighbourhood park, with play equipment, a spray pad, a multi-purpose court with basketball, and a shelter. It is adjacent to Mountview Public School.

Myrtle Park

13 Delaware Avenue.
Myrtle Park is a small park with play equipment, an accessible play structure, swings, a spray pad, park shelter, and a pathway. 

Newlands Park

137 Lynbrook Drive.
Newlands Park has a playground with a large accessible play structure, swings, shelter, flower bed, and a walkway.

North Central Community Park

467 Wentworth Street North.
North Central Community Park is located on the northwest corner of Wentworth Street and Mars Avenue.  This park has a creative play structure, independent play equipment, swings, a spray pad, a multi-purpose court with basketball, benches, a shelter, and paved walkways.

North Wentworth Community Park

27 Highway 5 West, Waterdown.
This park is home to the North Wentworth Community Centre and the Flamborough Optimist Soccer Fields. Also in the park is a natural area, benches, and parking.

Norwood Park

187 Terrace Drive.
Norwood Park has two play structures, swings, spring toys, and some trees. It is adjacent to Monseigneur de Laval Separate School.


Oak Knoll Park

701 Mountain Brow Boulevard.
Oak Knoll Park is a wooded area at the escarpment edge that overlooks the Albion Falls gorge.

Oakwood Place Park

132 Sterling Street
Oakwood Place Park is a small parkette with some green space, benches, and trees.

Olympic Sports Park

70 Olympic Drive, Dundas.
Olympic Sports Park has several soccer fields and an arena. There is also a softball field, some benches, trees and parking. Washrooms are located in the arena.

Optimist Park

237 Manitou Way, Ancaster.
Optimist Park, home of the Optimist Youth Centre, is a neighbourhood park with trees, benches, and a playlot with a large creative play structure and swings. Parking and washrooms are on site.


Palomino Ranch Park

6 Oldenburg Road, Carlisle.
Palomino Ranch is a community park with private tennis courts, play equipment, shrub beds, trees, a walkway, and parking.

Paramount Park

1170 Paramount Drive, Stoney Creek.
Paramount Park is a neighbourhood park with a soccer field, softball diamond, play equipment, parking, and a walkway which leads to a natural area. This park connects to the Bruce Trail.

Parkdale Park

20 Parkdale Avenue South.
Parkdale Park has a variety of facilities, including a playground with two play structures, swings, and spring toys, a skate board park, a multi-use court with basketball, tennis courts, and an arena.

Peace Memorial Park

Peace Memorial Monument 85 East 36th Street.
Peace Memorial Park is a redeveloped neighbourhood park with trees, pathways, swings, and an accessible play structure. Located at the entranceway is an archway, recently registered as an official Peace Memorial, from the original Peace Memorial School, dated back to 1919.  This memorial stands as a reminder of those who fought during World War 1.

Pier 4

64 Leander Drive.
Pier 4 Park is a charming and picturesque waterfront park. Its main features include an 80-foot tugboat play structure, oriented to provide children with a full view of the water; a curved boardwalk with a pavilion and benches; and the Gartshore-Thomson Building, which contains public washrooms. Additional features include a shoreline promenade, an open lawn area, a spray pad, a parking lot, picnic tables and benches, and a wheelchair access ramp extending from Bay Street North. Pier 4 Park's interconnected pedestrian/cycling trails facilitate barrier-free access to all areas of the park and provide linkages with the surrounding harbourfront precinct. During certain hours, Pier 4 can be accessed from Bayfront Park (times are posted at the park).

Pinecrest Park

490 Evergreen Avenue, Ancaster.
Pinecrest Park is a quiet park with some play equipment.

Pipeline Park

1203 Main Street East by Huxley Avenue North.
Pipeline Park is a large grassy walkway running from Ottawa Street South to Strathearne Avenue.  A small parkette with a creative play structure is located at the corner of Huxley Avenue North and Roxborough Avenue.

Postlawn Park

46 Fairlawn Court, Ancaster.
Postlawn Park is a neighbourhood park with some shrub beds, trees, creative play structures, and a walkway.

Powell Park

53 Birch Avenue at Harvey Street.
Powell Park has two multi-purpose courts (one court has basketball), an accessible play structure, a wading pool, spray pad, and a building with washroom facilities.


Radial Park

1 Spruceside Avenue.
Radial Park is primarily a playground with independent play equipment and swings, some benches, a picnic table, and a paved walkway through the park for passive recreation. It is divided into two sections by Spruceside Avenue.

Randall Park

50 Ravenbury Drive.
Randall Park is adjacent to Lincoln Alexander Public School, and consists of a play structure, swings, benches, and a shelter.

Red Hill Bowl

King Street East at Lucerne Avenue.
Red Hill Bowl is a natural area as well as an excellent baseball park, located west of the Red Hill Creek. The parking lot at the corner of King and Lawrence is connected to the park by a tunnel. A portion of the Red Hill Valley Recreational Trail runs through the park.

Red Hill Neighbourhood Park

320 Albright Road. 
Red Hill Neighbourhood Park is situated between two schools on Albright Road and has a T-Ball field.

Richwill Park

7 Richwill Road.
Richwill Park has two play structures, swings, benches, a shelter, a paved walkway, and open space.

Riverdale East Park

135 Vittorito Avenue.
Riverdale East Park has a playground with traditional play equipment, an accessible play structure, swings, bocce courts (memberships available through Recreation Department), and trees.  This park is adjacent to St. Agnes Separate School.

Riverwalk Park

5 Blueheron Lane, Carlisle.
Riverwalk Park is a small neighbourhood park with a large play structure, swings, spring toys, and a natural area at the north end of the park.

Rockcliffe Gardens

40 Riley Street, Waterdown.
Rockcliffe Gardens is a neighbourhood park with a small soccer field, a play structure, swings, a spring toy, and a natural area.

Rockview Summit

16 Grindstone Way, Waterdown.
Rockview Summit Park is a quiet park with some play equipment, a partially accessible play structure, swings, a ball toss game, a walking path all around the park, and shrub beds. A creek runs alongside Riley Street.

Rosebough Park

23 Rosebough Street, Greensville.
This neighbourhood park has a softball field, a multi-purpose court, a half basketball court, independent slides, spring toys, swings, and parking.

Rosedale Park

150 Greenhill Avenue.
Rosedale Park is a large sports park and includes the Rosedale Arena, King's Forest Tennis Club, bocce courts, a creative play structure, two new spring toys out front of the Rosedale Arena, a multi-purpose court with basketball, and sports fields (in the area known as Greenhill Bowl). A portion of the Red Hill Valley Recreational Trail runs through the park.

Roxborough Park

70 Reid Avenue North.
Roxborough Park has some diamonds, open space, a concrete block storage building and attached accessible sun shelter. It is adjacent to Roxborough Park Public School.

R.T. Steele Park

45 Ellis Avenue.
R. T. Steele Park is a small playground with a play structure located next to the Kiwanis Boys' Club.

Rushdale Park

1199 Upper Wentworth Street by Southpark Avenue.
Rushdale Park is a small, somewhat triangular park with playground equipment, swings, a multi-purpose court, spray pad, beach volleyball court, and shelter.  This park is adjacent to the southeast corner of T. B. McQuesten Community Park.

Ryckman's Neighbourhood Park

539 Dicenzo Drive.
Ryckman's Neighbourhood Park consists of a playground, a few picnic tables and some benches.