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Red Hill Valley Project- Ecological Restoration Program

Over the course of the next few years, the City of Hamilton and Kayanase (the City's ecological restoration partner from Six Nations) are carrying out the restoration of the Red Hill Valley.  This involves the planting of native materials (those species that have naturally been a part of the valley for decades) and the removal of exotic species.

An exotic species is one which has been introduced either by accident or deliberately (for landscaping, gardening, pest control, sport, as pets or for food processing). Exotics often displace native plants and wildlife, reducing the ability of ecosystems to function properly and remain healthy. A few examples of invasive species include dandelions, garlic mustard, gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, house sparrows, starlings, Dutch elm disease and American Chestnut blight. Garlic mustard has the ability to invade our woodlots, slows the growth of native trees to one-tenth, and reduces the growth of seeds by harming soil fungus that they depend on.

Click here to read about the City's ecological restoration efforts at the Greenhill Avenue interchange:

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If you would like further information on the Red Hill Valley Project's Ecological Restoration Program, please contact:

James Rockwood
Environmental Coordinator
Business and Support Services- Capital Planning and Implementation Division
Public Works Department
City of Hamilton
77 James Street North, Suite 320
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3

Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 7495
Fax: 905-546-4435

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