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Wise Water Use
Wise Water Use
 • Learn to save water & money
 • Conservation tips & tricks
 • Help support our environment
Lead Pipe Service Replacement Program

Lead Pipe Service
     • Was your home built
   before 1955?
 • You may have lead in
   your water,
 • Have your water tested

Water Meter Program

Water Meter
 • Do you have a water meter?
 • Why are meters important?
 • How does a meter work?

Sewer Lateral Management

Sewer Lateral Management
 • Have you had a basement flood or sewer back-up?
 • Understanding your sewer
 • How to care for your sewer

Poor Water Pressure

Poor Water Pressure
 • Do you have poor water
   pressure in your home?
 • What may be the cause?
 • Upgrade options

High Household Consumption

High Household Water Consumption
 • Is your money leaking away?
 • Toilets, the silent water wasters
 • Checking for water leaks,
    find out how!

Protective Plumbing
Program (3P)

 • Have you experienced 
   basement flooding?
 • Are you a residential
   property owner?
 • What is a backwater 


    Backflow Prevention     

Backflow Prevention

 • Commercial  
 • Industrial
 • Institutional Properties  
 • Multi Residential 
   4 stories or higher in height                                                     
  Wastewater Abatement Program    Wastewater Abatement Program
 • Wastewater Abatement
   Program By-law 03-272
 • Commercial & industrial
 • Water used in processing

     Sewer By-Law

Sewer By-Law
 • Sewer Use By-Law 04-150
 • Overstrength Agreement &
   Surcharge Agreement
 • Compliance Agreement &
   Chlorides Agreement

 Link To:

 Well Decommissioning

  Lead Sampling Program