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Environmental Study Report

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            Environmental Study Report

Environmental Study Report (ESR) 
            - Phase 3 and 4 of the Class Environmental Assessment for Wastewater Treatment and CSO Control

 Contact Info Master Plan Notice of Completion  [0.2MB]
 Executive Summary [19.0MB]
 Notice of Completion [1.2MB]

 Table of Contents [4.9MB]
 Section1  Introduction [2.5MB]
 Section2  Class EA Study Process [3.0MB]
 Section3  Phase1 and 2 MP Overview and Preferred Solution [9.0MB]
 Section4  Description of Class EA Phase 3 and 4 Study Area [13.6MB]
 Section5  Development of Preferred Study Area Strategy [7.4MB]
 Section6  Evaluation Methodology Used to Select Preferred Design Concepts [2.2MB]
 Section7  Development and Evaluation of Design Concepts for Woodward Avenue WWTP [15.7MB]
 Section8  Wet Weather Flow Management Stategy [9.5MB]
 Section9  Preferred Design Concept and Implementation Plan [3.5MB]
 Section10 Benefits,Impacts,and Mitigation Measures [4.5MB]
 Section11 Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Program [3.0MB]
 Section12 Public and Agency Consultation Program for Phases 3 and 4 [2.5MB]
 Section13 References [0.4MB]

 Appendix 1 Existing Woodward Avenue WWT Certificate of Aproval NO 7380-6URKDA (October 23,2006) [17.5MB]
 Appendix 2 Analysis of Alternatives and Summary of Strategy Reports [40.6MB]
 Appendix 3 City of Hamilton Wet Weather Control Policy and Provincial Procedure F-5-5 [ 6.2MB]
 Appendix 4 Collection System (MOUSE) Modelling Memo [33.6MB]
 Appendix 5 Detailed Techinical Information (Evaluation Matrixes and Costs) [65.7MB]
 Appendix 6 Expert Panel' Meeting Materials and Summary Notes [18.2MB]
 Appendix 7 Due Diligence Tour Report [6.7MB]
 Appendix 8 Red Hill Creek Outfall Modification Works Conceptual Design Assessment (Philips Eng., Oct, 2007) [26.4MB]
 Appendix 9 Public and Agency Consultation Materials and Correspondence. [176.9MB]