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City of Hamilton - Corporate Services

Payment Options / Rules

The City of Hamilton offers five convenient payment options:

1. Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Plans

There are four pre-authorized debit payment plan options:

1. 12-month plan (January 1 to December 1 inclusive)

2. 12-month plan (January 15 to December 15 inclusive)

3. 10-month plan (February 1 to November 1 inclusive)

4. Instalment plan (withdrawn the last working day of February, April, June and September)

5. 12-month Arrears Plan (withdrawn the last working day of January to December inclusive and subject to penalty and interest on any balance outstanding)

Link to Pre-authorized (PAD) Plan Application form (for print only)

2.  At a Bank

Taxes may be paid at any branch of a chartered bank or financial institution in the City of Hamilton. Verify with your financial institution. A service charge by them may apply.

3.  By Mail

Mail to:

City of Hamilton
Corporate Services - Taxation Division
71 Main Street West
PO Box 2040 STN LCD 1
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 0A3

The taxpayer assumes responsibility for the late arrival of payment in this office. A penalty will be charged if payment is received after the due date.

Please make cheques payable to the City of Hamilton.  Please include the roll number on the front of the cheque and include the relevant stub(s) with your cheque.  If a receipt is required please include a stamped self addressed envelope with your payment.

4.  By Telephone or Computer Banking

Check with your financial institution to register for telephone or computer banking. You will need to use your 11-digit tax account number which is located on the top left corner of your tax bill.

5.  In Person

You may pay in person Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., at the Municipal Service Centres and the Citizen Service Centre in Hamilton City Hall.

  • 71 Main Street West, City Hall, Hamilton 
  • 300 Wilson Street East, Ancaster
  • 60 Main Street, Dundas
  • 7 Innovation Drive, Suite 117, Flamborough
  • 4280 Binbrook Road, Glanbrook
  • 777 Highway 8, (corner of Jones Rd. & Hwy. 8) Stoney Creek

How to Pay Your Bill by Mail or in Person

  • Include the first stub with your payment for the 1st instalment due date
  • Retain the second stub and include it with your payment for the 2nd instalment
  • Include both stubs when paying the bill in full by the 1st instalment due date
  • Include both stubs when submitting cheques post-dated to the two instalment due dates

Note - Payments made on or after date of record have not been deducted from arrears.

What Happens if Payments are not Received by Due Dates?

Late payments will result in a penalty charge of 1.25% per month applicable the first day past due. This charge is applied for the entire month.

Penalties - Penalties will be charged on unpaid taxes on the first day of default.

Interest - Interest for each month or fraction thereof will be added thereafter on the first day of each calendar month to all taxes past due, until the taxes are paid.

Penalties or Interest are applied only against the original taxes or any other charges added to taxes. They are not applied to any penalty or interest charges previously added.

Payment Application Rules

Please note that payments received on properties that are in arrears have their payment applied first to the oldest years penalties and interest, then to the oldest years principle taxes, then to the oldest years other (i.e. other charges added to taxes such as water arrears or property stands charges).