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Construction Mapping

This service provides you with maps that will display construction projects that relate to your community or relate to a specific location. You are able to query information either way Capital Projects or Community.

Capital Projects

  • Capital Projects - These are construction capital projects that have been approved in the budget process by Council

  • Bridges - These are bridges under construction that have been approved in the  budget process by Council

  • Parks - These are parks under construction that have been approved in the  budget process by Council

Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Getting Started
First, you'll need to install the map viewing program. It only takes a few minutes and only has to be done once. Click download interactive maps to begin. Once complete, select the Interactive Maps on the left hand side of the screen

A step-by-step user guide for the mapping service, including the software download instructions is available.

If you already have the map viewing program:
Proceed directly to the to the construction maps. Depending on your screen settings, there are three map sizes to choose from small, medium and large. Use the binoculars to query construction projects within a community or a listing of all construction projects, including bridges and work in progress.

Current Construction Projects are also listed in our Capital Project Search.

If you have questions about construction locations that are shown on the map, please contact Amy Groleau, Construction Services, 905-546-4313, If you have questions about downloading the mapping software or navigating the construction mapping site, e-mail