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Road Maintenance and Operations


The Road Operations and Maintenance section consists of 5 Operations Districts which maintain approximately 3000 kms of roadway within the New City of Hamilton providing the following services:

  • pot hole repair

  • crack sealing

  • asphalt repair/patching/treatment

  • curb repairs

  • street flushing/sweeping

  • litter pickup

  • catch basin repair/cleaning

  • road patrol

  • collection/removal/repair of road hazards

  • sidewalk repair/replacement

  • sidewalk leveling (trip hazards)

  • ditch clearing/culvert repair

  • surface drainage

  • water course management

  • driveway approaches

  • limited maintenance for alleys

Please visit Design and Construction for road and sidewalk construction information.

Anti-Litter Campaign - Together we can keep Hamilton Clean

Road and Sidewalk Snow Plowing / Clearing


During heavy snowfalls, property owners are encouraged to assist the City's snow removal crews by:

  • getting vehicles off the streets and parking in your driveway

  • keep catchbasins clear of snow and ice for proper drainage during a thaw


  • keep fire hydrants clear and visible

  • clear snow and ice from the municipal sidewalk abutting your property


Unfortunately, during snow removal operations, the snow removal equipment operators cannot lift their blade every time they come to a driveway approach.  Therefore, if possible, homeowners should wait to clear their driveway approaches until the plows have been able to clear the curb lanes.

Practice safe driving and always be aware of the road conditions and adjust your driving according to the road conditions.

Follow the links below for further information on snow-clearing,

To reach the Roads Operations and Maintenance section, call 546-CITY (2489) or email us at