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Building Inspections

The Building Construction Section is responsible for all field activity in the Building Division. This Section carries out inspections for a number of purposes, with public service, public health and safety being the main concerns. The Building Construction Section responds to such matters as:

  • Fire damaged/vacant buildings

  • An unsafe condition of a building

  • Loan and grant applications

  • Construction without a Building Permit

Construction Inspections

The Building Construction Section carries out inspections in conjunction with Building Permits, and also responds to customer requests to determine if a permit is required. The staff assist both homeowner and contractor to complete their projects in accordance with Building Code Regulations, and applicable zoning requirements. When voluntary compliance is not forthcoming, enforcement is initiated.

The inspectors work closely with other regulatory bodies such as Fire Prevention Bureau, Health Department, and Engineering Department, to ensure that all applicable regulations are adhered to.

This involves conducting fire alarm tests, informing Fire and Health of any possible violations discovered during our routine inspections, and ensuring conformance with any agreements between the City and any other organization dealing with development of lands, such as Site Plan Agreements and Subdivision Agreements.

Upon obtaining a Building Permit, a contractor or property owner is required to arrange inspections during the various phases of construction. Appointments can be made with the Building Inspector by phone for the following types of inspections:

  • Footings

  • Foundation drains

  • Framing/structural

  • Plumbing

  • Heating/ventilation

  • Insulation/vapour barrier

  • Fire separation

  • Exits

  • Fire protection systems

  • Occupancy

  • Final

If any deviations from the By-Law are observed, appropriate action will be taken by the inspection staff to gain compliance of any By-Laws under their jurisdiction.


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