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Mobile Licence

There are a number of occupations and business types that require a mobile licence in order to operate in the City of Hamilton.

What occupations and businesses require a mobile licence?
In alphabetical order, here is the ist of occupations and businesses that must hold a mobile licence to legally operate in Hamilton: Adult Entertainment Parlour Attendant, Adult Entertainment Parlour Operator, Auctioneer, Bill Distributor, Bill Poster, Body Rub Attendant, Body Rub Operator, Building Exterior Cleaner, Cab Broker, Cab Driver, Cab Owner (Private), Limousine Driver, Limousine Vehicle Owner, Street Vendors or Peddlers (i.e. Hot Dog Cart Vendor), Transient Trader and Vehicle Peddler.

What happens if I don't have a mobile licence?
If you are found to be operating without a licence you could face a fine of up to $25,000.00 for an individual and $50,000.00 for a corporation.

How do I apply for a licence?
You have three options:

  • In person at 77 James Street North, 2nd Floor, Suite #250 or any of the following locations
  • Download an application: fill out at home or work and bring into our offices

The only licence that is different from the standard application process is a Taxi Driver Licence. The applicant must first obtain an application from the cab broker with an authorization signature. The reason for this is that the City wants to make sure that if a licence is issued, the person will have a job.

Are there additional requirements or criteria for obtaining a mobile licence?
In addition to the typical requirements (i.e. copy of business registration, zoning verification, fire, health and building inspections etc) for obtaining a licence, a number of mobile occupations and businesses require  criminal reference check from Hamilton Police Services and driving record checks.

Which occupations and businesses require these additional checks?
Adult Entertainment Parlour – Operator, Adult Entertainment Parlour – Attendant, Auctioneer, Body Rub Parlour – Operator, Body Rub Parlour - Attendant Cab Driver, Cab Owner, Limousine Driver and Limousine Owner.

Who enforces mobile licensing?
The Municipal Law Enforcement Section is responsible for inspection and enforcement of Buisness Licences. Officers ensure public safety, regulate business locations, and act as additional enforcement with respect to Municipal By-Laws.