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The Red Hill Valley Project


Have you ever wondered how the Valley is being improved?  What artifacts were found from human settlement dating back 10,000 years?  What medicine plants, fish and animals are in the Valley?

Then come to the Red Hill Valley Open House presented by the Joint Stewardship Board on February 29, March 1 and March 2, 2012.

Red Hill Valley Project is an integrated, environmentally responsible infrastructure project with five parts:

  • The north-south leg of the 403 to QEW parkway.

  • An eight-kilometer, four-lane 90 km/hour controlled access parkway.

  • A truck climbing lane from the Greenhill Avenue interchange to the Mud Street interchange.

Stormwater Management Ponds
  • A series of stormwater quality facilities that filter runoff from the roadway and adjacent development.

  • A stormwater detention facility to protect the QEW, CN Rail lines, Barton Street and the Parkway from flooding that could be expected from a 100-year storm event.

Naturalized, Stabilized Red Hill Creek
  • Realignment of 7 kilometers of the Creek using natural channel design techniques that will:

    • Increase fish habitat

    • Remove existing barriers to fish migration

    • Significantly reduce sediment loading to Windermere Basin

                            Combined Sewer Overflow Pipe
                            • 2.8 km long
                            • Reduces number of discharges into creek from 20-27 times per year to 1-3
                            Landscape Management Plan
                            • Trails

                            • Tree Planting (15:1 ratio)

                            • Parks

                            • Ecological Restoration

                            • Cultural Features