Mountain access: Claremont & Sherman lane closures

Claremont update: Second down-bound lane now open

Two down-bound lanes are now re-open. The third lane, which has been closed to traffic since 2012, will remain closed.

Sherman update: West leg reduced to one lane for 250m stretch

In March, the City of Hamilton closed the west leg of the Sherman Access to complete geotechnical investigations in preparation for future remediation work. While in the area, workers identified safety concerns with the bin wall and guardrails adjacent to the roadway.

The west leg will be reduced to one lane for a 250m stretch over the coming months. Concrete barriers and a temporary traffic signal will allow a single lane of traffic to pass up and down the escarpment.

The City will monitor the traffic impacts and will make adjustments to reduce backlogs and optimize traffic signal timing throughout the duration of the closure.

We thanks motorists for their patience and cooperation as we work to ensure continued public safety along the escarpment roadways.