Transportation study on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway and Red Hill Valley Parkway

The City of Hamilton will be conducting a transportation study on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway and Red Hill Valley Parkway to determine the typical volume of through and local traffic using these roadways.

Digital cameras will be placed on the median and road side of both facilities to capture images of traffic showing the type of vehicle and its license plate number. License plates are compared to determine vehicles that travel the full length of the combined roadways as a short-cut to using Highway 403 South and the Queen Elizabeth Way East compared to traffic using the Parkways to access a local destination. Cameras will be setup at the west end of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway and the north end of Red Hill Valley Parkway from April 21, 2019 until May 22, 2019 (extended from May 4). The results of this study will be reported to City Council in Fall 2019.

The City of Hamilton collects information under authority of Section 227 of the Municipal Act, 2001.  Any personal information collected during the Red Hill Valley Parkway and Lincoln Alexander Parkway Through Traffic Study will be used to assess pass-through traffic between the Queen Elizabeth Way East and Highway 403 South. Questions about the collection of this personal information can be directed to:

Rodney Aitchison, Project Manager, Traffic Services
Transportation Operations & Maintenance Division, City of Hamilton
330 Wentworth St N, Hamilton,  ON. L8L 5W3
Phone 905-546-2424 ext.2067