Volunteering at Animal Services

The City of Hamilton Animal Services appreciates our volunteers who work with furry friends in our care and enrich our programs. We have a small volunteer program with seven volunteers at this time to help with the enrichment of animals in our shelter.

Volunteer opportunities are closed

We are not currently accepting applications at this time. Please check back to find out when we will begin taking new applications.


Opportunities to volunteer with Animal Services:

  • Animal enrichment with dogs, cats and other domestic animals
  • Delivering found posters in the area where an animal was found
  • Searching social media and websites (i.e. Kijiji, Craigslist, newspapers) to help match found animals with lost reports
  • Transporting animals in your personal vehicle to and from the shelter for spay/neuter at clinics inside and outside the City of Hamilton.
  •  Attending public events with Animal Services staff to answer questions and educate the public about Hamilton Animal Services and Responsible Animal Ownership.

For more information about Hamilton Animal Services, email us at animalservices@hamilton.ca.

Animal Services volunteer transporting a dog to and from the shelter for clinic appointments