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Do I need to licence my cat?

No, at this time you don’t need to licence your cat. However, we encourage you purchase a cat registration tag.

Benefits of registering your cat:

  • Increases your chances of finding your cat if it gets lost
  • Gives your cat a free ride home by the City once every 365 days
  • Money collected from cat registration is used to care for and feed lost and stray cats, and adoption costs
What do I need to claim my cat from the shelter?

To claim your cat from the shelter, you must:

  • Show government identification with your current address
  • Pay impound or boarding fees for each day your cat is in the shelter
  • Have a leash or carrier to take your cat home
  • Avoid touching other animals at the shelter to reduce the spread of disease

You will be encouraged to purchase a cat registration tag for your pet before it is released.

Community Cats

Community cats are cats that are not owned by anyone and live in the neighbourhood on their own. It is common in all neighbourhoods in Hamilton.