Claiming Your Cat from the Shelter

Claim your cat from the shelter

To claim your cat from the shelter, you must:

  • Show government identification with current address
  • Pay impound or boarding fees for each day your pet was in the shelter
  • Have a leash or carrier to take your cat home
  • Avoid touching animals to reduce the spread of disease

You will be encouraged to purchase a cat registration tag for your pet before it is released.

Impound & boarding fees for cats

If staff need to quarantine your cat at the shelter, you (the owner) are responsible for all costs for quarantine. When the quarantine period is done, your cat may be returned to you, considered for adoption or euthanized.

  Standard fee Reduced fee* Quarantined fee
Impound fee



Daily boarding fee $15 $9


Subsequent Offence $43 $38  

* Reduced rates for people who are either 65 or more years of age or receive a government disability pension. Proof is required.

Other fees for cats

While your cat is in the care of the City,  a Veterinarian could examine and/or treat your cat. You, as the owner, are responsible for any expenses for your pet.

Costs include:

Pet transport by ambulance


Veterinary costs Varies

Cats at the shelter

When the City picks up a stray cat, we make every effort to find its owner. If the cat’s owner is unknown and  does not claim the cat within 72 hours of entering the shelter (not including the first day it arrives at the shelter), than it will be assessed by the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA for their adoption program, offered to a rescue group or potentially euthanized.