Dog Licence Policies and Regulations

Animal Services Officers going door to door will be wearing uniforms and carrying City photo ID

Animal Services may be coming to your door!

Animal Services Licensing Officers are going door to door to educate dog owners on their responsibilities to purchase licences for their dogs.

These Officers will be in uniform and carrying City photo identification with them at all times.

Anyone may renew or purchase a licence at their door, online or in person at Hamilton Animal Services, Municipal Law Enforcement or Municipal Service Centre locations


Compliance with the law

You must comply with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations and laws.

All owners must comply with the limit for how many pets you can have. Getting a dog licence is not permission to have more than the allowed number of animals.

Read more about the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law.

Dog licence renewal

You are responsible for knowing when to renew your dog licence. All notifications of renewal are a courtesy only.

Refunds and credits for dog licences

Refunds may be requested in the event that an owner pays for their animal licence, and the animal passes away or is euthanized on or before 30 days from the purchase date. The dog tag must be returned with proof that the dog has been euthanized or has passed away. This does not apply to licences that were past due at the time of the renewal. 

You may receive a credit if within 30 days of buying a licence you can show proof that:

  • the dog is spayed or neutered
  • you become eligible for a senior or disability pension

Submit refund or credit requests in writing to:

Supervisor of Animal Control Services
247 Dartnall Road
Hamilton, Ontario
L8W 3V9

Note: You will not receive a refund if you move out of the city within 30 days of purchase.