Dog Park Benchmarking

Parks and Cemeteries, the section that oversees the development and maintenance of Dog Parks, is piloting the use of pedestrian traffic counters at Dog Park entrance areas. The purpose of the program is to provide baseline data on when and at what volume Dog Parks across the city are being used. 

What is the data used for?

Data on volume and time of use is essential to:

  • provide a snap shot of when and at what volume Dog Parks are being used;
  • build long-term support for City Dog Parks;
  • contribute to City processes including capital/maintenance programs, planning, design and program evaluation.

Where is the data collected?

Currently 2 pedestrian traffic counters have been installed at Nathan Cirillo and Borer’s Dog Parks. Counters will be rotated to other Dog Parks over time, at which time data will be reviewed. 

City of Hamilton Traffic Operations operates a similar program with over 20 counters on trails and pathways, through the Active Transportation Benchmarking program.